This is my world of Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler, Demon Butler, That Butler, etc.) I welcome all who enjoy this fantastic series either manga or anime, or perhaps just in plush form, you are welcomed.

In this world I post images, and such about Kuroshitsuji and a bit about my life sometimes if it reminds me of Kuroshitsuji... Anyways I hope you enjoy your stay in this world and hope that you can contribute to help it grow.

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Kuroshitsuji Video

My computer finally gave in, I'm able to watch videos from Youtube! Its so old that it didn't do anything, but I fixed it so I can watch videos now. Anyways I found this cute video of the ending credits.

If that doesn't work, heres the URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtfgRwd6vas

Anyways, how you enjoy this video (this also explains my absence for the past couple days).

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A Great Site To Read Manga

I know a great site where you can read all knids of different manga.


No membership is required to read manga.

This is the site where I learned all about Kuroshitsuji.

The next chapter is supposed to come out on Aug. 13, /09, so keep an eye open for it!

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The Call...

This is really something that has truly happened to me:

Date of event: July 31, /08

Some guy called at 6:22pm and said "Hi... is this Sarah Manga Huntress?" ... "How you doing?" I said good. But he said nothing afterward. I kind of freaked out and ran outside to my mother who is in the garden. Mom answered the phone "Hello? Hello!? Who is this? Who is calling?" She said no one was there, so I hung up the phone.

Till this day, I don't know who it is, and I suspect some of my guy friends, but to even know my phone number would be a difficult task, since I keep anything involving direct contact secret. I also just don't like to to talk a lot. It is just a complete waste of energy, thought process, and breath.

As always, an image.

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I had a dream...

I had a dream last night, where someone, besides me, comment on my first post. It had a member's name and pic too. Either I saw the future or well, I don't know what else it could be. I'm not lying about seeing the future either, its true. BUT! There's a catch, I can't do requests or such, like will whoever get married or will such and such win the lottery (I'm also too young to gamble), it is COMPLETELY random. For example: I can also use tarot cards, I got the symbol snake (I use my own system) and one of my friend's mother got arrested (don't worry, they let her out later in the day, it wasn't serious), but they do come true, one way or another, even if you try to avoid it. Well, I guess the only way to avoid anything is to do absolutely nothing (but then you miss out on life). Well anyways, its not all fun and games, it could be serious or complex. I have to go, supper's almost ready.

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A Day With Ciel

First person veiw: Elizabeth Middleford

Today is the day! I'm going to visit Ciel! (Puts ribbons in hair) Oh, I'm sure he won't mind me dropping by.

(Later that day, when she arrives at Ciel's mansion)

(Looks around) Ahhh! Finny! Is Ciel home?
"Eh? Oh he just stepped out for a bit."
Oh... Then I'll wait for him to come home.
"Well, make yourself at home."

(She enters the mansion)

...! Ah, Mr. Tanaka, how've you been?
"Hohoho (sips his tea)"
(Walks down the hallway towards the kitchen)
(Bard walks out) "(cough) You okay? (cough cough)"
Uh, yes I'm fine, but...
"Oh that was just my new experiment"
"Yeah, I'm experimenting different ways on how to make soup."
Well, um... Did it work?
"Not exactly... (shows a sample of what he made)"
(Shows a face of disgust) I don't think soup is supposed to look like that...
"Want to try some?"
(Runs down the hallway)
"Hm...? (Tastes the soup) I think it needs more salt..."

(After awhile of running away from Bard's soup)

Huff Huff (sits down)
"Ah? Elizabeth?"
"I didn't know you were here."
Oh, Maylene? Is Ciel here?
"(nods her head) sorry... they're not back yet."
"...! Oh, but I'm sure he will be back soon."
(Looks up)
(Door opens)

(Rushes to the door)

"Well we need to get...!!"
You're back!
"How long have you been here?"
Hm... not sure... but now I get to spend the rest of the day with you!
(Hugs Ciel tightly)
"Se... Sebas... Sebastian..."
"Yes, young master?"
"Go prepare... dinner."
(Lets go of Ciel)
"(Gasps for air)"
Hm? Is something wrong?
"Huff huff, no, huff, I'm fine."
Well since I came here to spend the day with you, I guess I'll stay for dinner as well.

(Later that day when dinner preparations were done)

"Young master, Lady Elizabeth, dinner preparations are finished."
"Very well."
Ohhhh. This looks delicious!

(A little while after dinner)

I'm sorry Ciel, but I have to leave soon. (hugs Ciel) I'll come again sometime, maybe when you're home, so we can spend the entire day together!
Bye Ciel, bye Sebastian! (waves)
"(Waves goodbye)"

(When she arrived home)

I didn't get to spend the entire day with Ciel, but someday I will.

The End.