But Dawn Never Came...

Silence had consumed the room, slowly infecting the darkness within me. The cold dampness of the deserted house seemed to invite me to give in, to let go of all my false hopes, and surrender to eternal sleep. Tears that did not belong to me began to fall from my eyes, and an ancient sorrow consumed my heart. Suddenly, an abrupt presence caught me off guard. He was there, his scent intoxicated the air and burned into my nostrils. From within the darkness, his topaz eyes stared back at me. I could not make any notion of feelings from them, they were empty, hollow. I wondered, for a second, if all of my dreams, disillusions, and nightmares were connected to him, to the beautiful man that stood before me.

“Bella…” he whispered delicately, perhaps, afraid that any word he said would break me. I felt as if he was calling out to me, and I could not help but to shake my head in eager disagreement.

“Bella, is it you, Bella?” he said pleadingly, the sorrow in his voice unmistakable. Something in me told me that he was the one responsible for all the pain I was going though, yet my heart ached to go to his side. I tried to stand up, to run away and disappear far away from that horrible place, but at the first attempt my legs bulged in and refused to listen to any command I made. I tried again, only to fail miserably, and went crashing hard onto the bitter floor. And it was then I knew I was dying. Something inside me told me I had gone through this before, that I had willingly given up on life so I wouldn’t deal with the pain of leaving him. But as of now, he and I were strangers, and even though I knew this, it pained me deeply when he looked at me with such concern; knowing that when he did, he saw but the reflection of the other me, the person he loved the most, his Bella. I choked back my tears as I struggled with myself, against the pain and his troubled gaze, to stay alive. But dawn never came.

Time stood still forevermore in that diabolical house since the moment I let out my final breath. The scene from before played again and again, tormenting, haunting my very existence. And I could do nothing as the event unfolded in front of my eyes, as the inevitable took place. I was condemned for the rest of eternity. Stuck with the the memories of my final day, unable to move forward. His grieve pulled me back like the somberness of the night, and there was no escape, and there was no way to avoid those topaz eyes of his, his tormented, saddened, eyes. There was no way to pull his gaze from the heaven less eyes that were mine.

Authors note: I wrote this a while ago but I felt it was somehow unfinished, so with the Halloween contest I decided to give it a try again with a more "horror" appeal to it.. hope you guys like it.. I apologize if the ending makes no sense.. XD and.. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!♥