The Rebels of Planet Aadau

Summary: Planet Aadau is a world dominated by one species, the Aadauroti. No other creature on the planet fits into one species; they are simply called Outsiders. The Outsiders generally do not know how to survive on their own and are dependent on the Aadauroti to train them. Meh-Eh-Au is one such Outsider who wonders what his life's purpose is. Little does he know that the Aadauroti are keeping dark secrets from him about his ancestry, origin, and purpose.

Author's note: This sci-fi/action story is really old. I started writing it back in 2001. I covered a lot of ground in the year or two that I actively wrote it, but I never finished the story. My goal is to eventually conclude it.

What I'm posting is a rewrite. Many of the scenes needed to be "beefed up" and paragraphs had to be rearranged. Plus, my spelling skills (or lack thereof) and descriptions make me cringe at times. I'm leaving the plot more-less intact, though.

Warnings: There's a lot of fighting. It's mostly fantasy violence, but violence nonetheless.

Updates: Chapter 3 added.