Hello and welcome to my little library. This is where I post my original stories.

This World features two kinds of stories: short and multi-chapter. Short stories are simply one-shots. Multi-chapter stories are all ongoing works that will be updated bit by bit.

Each story will be a separate post. The posts will be split into two or more pages. The first page contains the summary, author's comments, updates (where applicable) and warnings (also where applicable). The second page contains the story (or first chapter thereof). Any following pages will contain other chapters.

This World may not have many posts, but for the sake of convenience, I'll list links to my stories here:

Short Stories
"Groundhog Day"
"Hectico el Manifico"
"Letter to a Camper"
"The Magic Sandwich"
"The Monkey Family"
"Rainbow Phobia"
"Sir Calvin the Great"
"A Tribute to Compact Discs"

Multi-Chapter Stories
"The Rebels of Planet Aadau"
"Survival Instincts"

Survival Instincts

Summary: Naomi is part of a religious group known as the Children of Terra. She has magical powers within her that are beyond her control and forbidden for her religion to practice. After exiling herself, Naomi meets Marshall, a b...

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The Rebels of Planet Aadau

Summary: Planet Aadau is a world dominated by one species, the Aadauroti. No other creature on the planet fits into one species; they are simply called Outsiders. The Outsiders generally do not know how to survive on their own and...

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The Monkey Family

Summary: A family of monkeys is searching for fruit, but there's a hungry lion on the prowl. Author's Note: I wrote this some months ago. My approach to this one was that of a children's story. ...

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The Magic Sandwich

Summary: Travis is hungry and his friend, Peter, has some tricks up his sleeve. Yet something seems very awry.... Author's Note: I wrote this a year or two ago, as a writing exercise. It's short and complet...

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Letter to a Camper

Summary: A mother sends a letter to her daughter who is away at camp. Author's note: I wrote this several years ago. It's supposed to be from my point of view, if I were a mother. I gave my imaginary daughter the name "Juli...

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