inufluffy12's Character: Kiri

Name: Kiri
Species: Princess, she likes to fight though, and knows how to use a sword
Age: 15
Height: 4'9
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair color: Dark purple (almost looks black)
Hair style: Long, tied up into two ponytails
Eye color: purple
Clothing style: Hates dresses. She normally wears a sleeveless dark red, midriff baring top. And jean shorts
Background/History: She's the King and Queen of Kuiri's only child, and therefore heir to the throne. She's never once wanted to be a princess, even when she was younger. She's tried to run away from home numerous times, always to be caught and brought back to the castle.
Home Kingdom: Kuiri
Personality: Very tom-boyish. She's always hated being treated like a princess. She'd rather go outside and fist fight with a bunch of boys, than be stuck in the castle learning about the kingdoms history
Likes: Swords, hanging out with guys, training
Dislikes: Dresses, girly-girls, princess lessons
Goals: To figure out a way to get out of becoming the next Queen
Family: Her mother and father