Drew, Milo, and Cyrus

xD I started making more Gijika for the heck of it lol. Most of them are still guys lol.

Pokemon: Dewgong

Name: Drew Gong (most of the time either called Drew or Gong)

Age: 19

Hair color: white/ silver

Hair length: down to his waist, but he ties it back when he is not in the water (IT'S SO FREAKING PRETTY @[email protected])

Eye color: dark blue

Skin tone: pale

Type of Pokemon: water/ice

Gender: male

5'9 with human legs
8'9 with dewgong tail

Weight: 180lbs

Held item: crystal tear (Heck ya I just made something up basically it's just a necklace)

Relationships: none

Attacks: Aurora beam, Water pulse, and body slam

Personality: Cool and collective, Drew has a pretty good nature... until someone mistakes him for a girl. Yes, many people have believed Drew to be a mermaid. However, he is male. This is practically the only thing that can make Drew mad. Other than that, he has a really laid back nature.

Hometown: the sea off the coast of the seafoam islands

Likes: water, ice, swimming, day dreaming

Dislikes: overly dramatic girls, people who mistake him for a girl, and fire

Fears: getting electrocuted

Weaknesses: electricity and grass attacks

Strengths: against fire

Full Outfit: He has two outfits that correspond when he is in the water and when he is not.

When in the water, Drew's white hair hangs long, and he doesn't wear a shirt. The bottom part of him is the tail of a dewgong somewhat like the way merpeople have fish tails. He also has a white tie that tends to wrap from his wait down towards the end of his tail.

When he is out of the water, Gong has his hair tied back showing his pierced and pearl'd ears. He wears a wrap that covers his stomach and white pants. Sometimes he has a white jacket on or a white towel over him. He tends to go barefoot, but sometimes he wears sandals.

Looks: cool

Background: Drew grew up in the sea near the seafoam islands with a group of dewgong and seel. He often went out onto the land and made friends with those on the beaches. A part of him wanted to be able to live on land all his life. However, Gong loved the sea and preferred being able to return to it at any time. One day while Drew was with a group of humans on the beach, hunters came and took all of the dewgong and seel. Suddenly becoming alone, Drew searched wildly for any others of the sea. He found a group of tentacool to stay with, but soon enough, he left in search of the hunters. Finding trouble and being unable to beat it, Drew was taken and experimented on turning into a Gijinka. Escaping and finding that he could now stay on land for as long as he wanted, Drew travels the land. Meeting Milo a few weeks after first getting his legs, Drew became good friends with the milotic who was also a gijinka.

Pokemon: Milotic

Name: Milo

Age: 21

Hair color: dark pink/ red

Hair length: to his butt, but he ties them back in two manly pig tails at the back base of his skull

Eye color: dark red

Skin tone: pale

Type of Pokemon: water

Gender: male (@[email protected] gah he looks like a girl sometimes though I swear he's male though!)

5'7 with human legs
10' 11 when with fish tail

Weight: 180lbs

Held item: he carries around a sea flute if that is anything

Relationships: none

Attacks: water pulse, ice beam, whirlpool

Personality: quiet when needed and loud otherwise, Milo is pretty much a ladies man. He knows how to treat women well and be very sociable. He loves being around people and talking to others.

Hometown: the sea

Likes: water, ice cream, day dreaming, being around lots and lots of people, being the center of attention, Drew

Dislikes: when people call him a creep, when he doesn't get enough attention, when Drew pulls him by the ear and drags him away

Fears: loss of popularity

Weaknesses: grass attacks and electric attacks

Strengths: popular, easy going, has powerful water attacks

Full Outfit: Like Drew, Milo has two forms.

His first land form consists of a white kimono that moves to a blue and pink pattered at the bottom. (no it is not like a karate or fighting jacket it is an actual girl's kimono) However, the kimono is tapered down and dark blue pants are under it. He has a pair of fans that resemble the tail of a milotic that he carries around.

Looks: pretty (that is the only way I could put it o_O)

Background: Milo was born a gijinka to two milotic gijinka. As a febass, Milo ridiculed himself about his looks. Determined to become as pretty as his parents, Milo worked tirelessly to evolve by increasing his beauty with berries and pokeblocks. hen he turned thirteen, he finally evolved into a milotic and became extremely popular among the other gijinka as well as other pokemon. One day, as he was sitting by the shore, Milo met Drew who was passing by. Instantly deciding that Drew would be his best friend, Milo became clingy of Drew.

Pokemon: Scyther

Name: Cyrus

Age: 17

Hair color: dark green

Hair length: spiked and stands up just a bit

Eye color: dark green

Skin tone: pale

Type of Pokemon: Bug/Flying

Gender: male

Height: 6'3

Weight: 200lbs

Held item: a broken soothe bell

Relationships: none

Attacks: slash, extreme speed, fly

Personality: Cool to the point of being cold, Cyrus is extremely quiet and considers many lower than him. However, after making friends, Cyrus will tend to be a little nicer but also extremely protective.

Hometown: orange islands

Likes: flying, training, good cooking

Dislikes: fire, weak people, children

Fears: fire

Weaknesses: fire

Strengths: water, grass, and other bug attacks

Full Outfit: He has a green turtle neck without sleeves covered by a lighter green jacket that has white along the bottoms of the sleeves. He also has dark green pants and black boots. He has wings but tends to cover them with his jacket.

Looks: relaxed and cold

Background: Cyrus grew up on one of the orange islands with a group of hierarchical scyther. Evey year, they scyther would have a competition to prove who was the strongest and who would lead the group. On his sixteenth birthday, Cyrus succeeded in winning the contest and becoming head of the group. Working daily to try and keep the group in health, Cyrus tried his best to be a good leader. However, Cyrus's group was suddenly attacked by a group of hunters that took all of the scyther including Cyrus. Fighting his way out of a cage, Cyrus tried desperately to get the rest of his group out. Yet they were taken away and Cyrus never saw them again. Determined to find the hunters and destroy them all, Cyrus started following the hunter group. He tracks them to this day in order to finally beat them.