Konichiwa Mina-san!!

The name's Andy and welcome to my world ^^
I'll be posting a few thing now and then so feel free to drop by and check it out

catching up

wow its been over a year since i last posted in my world, guess its time to fill in the details of what i have been up to over the past year.

lets see most of you all knew that i was in beijing studying so i'll carry on from there, besides joining the kendo team for 2 years in beijing and making friends and trying to find the love connection. well i dated this girl for 4 months, knew her for 6 months in total, we broke up coz her dad wants her home she lived in a different city/regionwas a bummer but unavoidable, so not too long after that i started dating this korean girl, but we both knew it wont last long coz she will graduate soon and head back home to south korea most of us foreign students study there for 1 semester - 4 semesters depending on how long we want to study and a month after she went home, i finally met the girl of my life, and we started going out on dates and not too long we got into a relationship and now she has moved back home with me here in namibia. thats pretty much it about my love life.

during the time between my love life and studies there wasnt much happening, pretty much the usual routine, study>hang with friends>go out with gf etc etc. though after heading back home i do miss my friends and my kendo club juniors, seniors and sensei. feels like an emptyness filling inside me coz i do miss the feeling of hanging with them all and such, after being back home there really isnt much to do. who knows i might move permanently to taiwan or china someday in the future.

and now i'm working for my mom with our family businesses, we got 3 business going and im in charge of one business, real boring though, just paper work, lifting stuff, stock checks etc etc

well thats pretty much sums it up for what happened while i was away :P


its been so long since i last posted here hahaha well im back in beijing and studying once again >_> but im going job hunting as well so right now there's this position to teach kindergarten kids english, oh joy teaching lil kids >_> prob is I DONT HAVE EXPERIENCE TEACHING!!!! much less teaching lil kids. And it's not even a full time job either just a part time >_> so i have to go job hunting more again to find a better job bleh

well my girlfriend and i are both job hunting and we plan to move into a apartment together it kinda saves up on costs that way too hahaha

my chinese language classmates

well here's a pic where me and my classmates were hanging out one night :P


back home for the holidays

so yeah im back home got nothing to do and missing beijing amazingly enough hahaha and of course i miss my gf as well but she's back home for chinese new years so even if i was in beijing she wont be there during that time XD
and im guessing a few of you guys are wondering how she looks like as well, and since im in a good mood i'll upload some links for you guys to check out hahaha


and there you have it a couple of pics etc etc just dont mind me, i was really tired from our exams when my friend took that pic and i was still recovering from a fever but had to celebrate the end of our exams so went out and ate :P
its too bad my flight is on feb 14th and i will be back in beijing on feb 15th, so i gota make up to my gf for that, PLENTY OF CHOCOLATES AND ROSES HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD

but yeah i gota go sleep now its kinda late and i have to wake up early etc etc


hahaha its been a while since i posted here, so the news of the week? i have a girlfriend now!!! hahahaha and her name's fandy, i asked her on thursday during a nice dinner at a restaurant and she said yes, and im pretty sure you guys have seen her pic before so yeah not gona bother posting one here again haha

so for those who knows me as the perv king, well now the perv king shall be in exile for a while haha