A story for Kacee

I haven't updated in a while, but I've got a story to tell you guys about my dog. Her name is Kacee Babaganoosh Middleton and she is a Yellow Lab/ Chow mix. And this dog is by far the most loving dog ever. She's never snapped at anyone or barked at them or ever shown any hostility towards them. Always excited to have company, always excited to go on walks, always excited to even just be around. I've never seen her upset or even depressed.

I met Kacee when she was just a puppy. She was a birthday present to my brother and I got to see her before she was even given to him (it was supposed to be a surprise). I go into a friends' house (who was temporarily keeping Kacee) to pick up some stuff and a I feel a little pawing at my heels. I turn around, expecting to see their ferrets or maybe the cat...but I see an adorable yellow puppy playing with my pants leg. Baby Kacee.

Kacee grew up with us through two different houses. She got out and explored the neighborhood and made me late to class quite a few times. She was a handful, but we always pampered her and babied her. Especially my brother. Something about a boy and his dog that just feels right in the world, y'know?

When Kacee was older we got a new puppy, Lulu. Kacee had been operated on to where she couldn't have babies, but Lulu became her baby. Kacee would clean her and when Lulu got stuck in the fence, Kacee tried to save her. That was her puppy and Kacee wouldn't let anyone harm her. If Lulu yelped or whimpered, Kacee was right there. They slept together outside, and roamed around the yard together. Two peas in a pod.

When we left to go to Germany, we had to leave Kacee behind. So we left her at my grandmother's house. My grandmother couldn't take care of her anymore and she gave her to my aunt. My aunt takes care of dogs and breeds them, so Kacee was a natural fit with them.

Which brings us to today. My aunt sent an e-mail letting us know the horrible news. Kacee had passed away. She was 7 years old. It hit me, a 22 year old man, like a kick to the gut. Kacee was a big part of our family and we all loved her unconditionally. She was so smart, so funny,so loving. And now she's in doggie heaven. You don't realize how much your pets mean to you until they're gone. Kacee will certainly be missed.

Love you Doodle, always.