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If you want to know who I am, then take some time to read my posts, you might learn a thing or two. Otherwise, either PM me or seek me in the Community Chat. I'm somewhere on here, lurking about.

I really wish we could....

...have .GIFs in our posts.

So my mom is off from work this next whole week, and I'm hoping that means I can get out of the house a little more often. The last few days have been hot enough to justify trips to the pool.

Also, our landlords have the uncanny ability to plan parties around my family's birthdays. They had a party on my birthday and they're having one on my dad's Birthday in August, lol. It's our Oma's birthday too! She'll be turning 80 and my dad will be turning 40, lol. I was gonna make my dad an old man basket (complete with Bengay, Cane, and thick glasses), but unfortunately I didn't have the money to do that. I suppose a barbeque will have to suffice. At least the people who live around us are very nice and most of them speak English.

The 27 things bandwagon continues

So I'll give this a shot, although I find it easier to just answer questions about me as they are asked.

1)I'm the only left-handed person in my immediate family. My next closest family member would be my great-grandomther on my father's side.

2)I never tend to take things seriously unless I absolutely have to. Stressing over little things like dirty dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is empty just sets you up to explode over something as trivial as that later on.

3)I'm a natrually helpful person by nature. If someone's having a hard time with something, I usually try to do what I can.

4)I love watching sports, no matter which sport it is. ESPN is easily my most watched sports channel.

5) Video games is one of my biggest passions. I love getting better at a game and competing with others.

6)My idea of a fun vacation is when you never have set plans. When I go out, I do things as I come across them. I have things I'd like to do, but if it doesn't happen, I play along anyways and have fun with whatever we're doing.

7)I like having control over all the decisions that influence my life. I hate having people telling me what's good for me and dictating how I should live my life. I'm a "Learn to swim by jumping in the water" kind of guy.

8)I'm a jokester. I always am trying to lighten the mood whenever possible.

9)I've never worn sunglasses a day in my life. Out of everyone in my family, I'm the only guy who doesn't. I find sunglasses annoying and unessecary.

10) I have a rather expansive vocabulary. I use scholarly words in casual conversation.

11) If you type in text talk, I think you're a moron. If you're so busy that you can't even type out your words entirely, then why bother texting me?

12) I'm a passionate person in a relationship. I do believe in true love and that "the one" is out there.

13)I have a bad driving record. Two wrecks and four tickets. I think I've paid more into the State of Texas than the average taxpayer, lol.

14)I tend to have more female friends than male friends. I don't know what it is, but I find it easier to get along with females.

15) Music is another one of my passions. Playing, listening, performing music is so wonderful. I've had the benefit of doing all three. I still want to learn more instruments.

16) Je parle Francais.

17) I want to go to Japan to experience the Japanese urban culture. Eat at a soba shop, go to an arcade, ride the subway.

18)I have Hazel eyes that can be any color of the main spectrum (green,blue, brown)

19) I'm a horrible phone person. I tend to run out of things to talk about rather quickly and usually there's moments of awkward silence.

20) I love to wear hats, no matter what season it is. Beanies in summer? You betcha.

21) I love animals. I've had four dogs over the course of my life and I've loved all of them equally. I really want a big St. Bernard Puppy to slobber all over me and shower me with love.

22)My favorite food is Fried Chicken. From Popeyes. There is no chicken that's better.

23)My family has a history of serving in the military. My father, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle, and two cousins have all served/ are serving in the military across all the branches.

24)I love kids. My mom used to be a day care provider at our old home and I've had the lovely experience of seeing children grow from being infants to being school-age. Kids are wonderful, annoying, funny, scary little creatures. I want some of my own.

25)Writing has always been a forte of mine. I tend to be better with non-fiction rather than fiction though. I have a tough time trying to paint a vivid scene of a place when I have to make it up.

26)I'm very squeamish for a guy. I can't stand the sight of blood, guts, gore and all other sorts of bodily functions or smells.

27)I will always be there to listen/support my friends. Friendship is one of the most wonderful things in the world and I like to keep a small circle of good friends.

People are testing my patience...

Goodness, we just get new mod stuff at OB and I already have to use it....

Also, it's my two year anniversary today with Afton. Can I get a whut whut?


Yeah I have closet thing for SNSD Girls Generation. :x

Not much for K-Pop, but I like them for some reason. It's really funny to play games like Call of Duty and Street Fighter and listen to them. Makes me play better too for some reason......

Did everyone see the fit Cleveland is throwing because LeBron signed with Miami? Jersey Burnings, protests...and even the owner of the Cavaliers publicly bashed LeBron. I know he is from Ohio, but if you can't keep him in his hometown, what does that say about your team?

Joking: A tightrope

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a jokester at heart. I never take things seriously and I make lots of jokes. I'm just that kind of person. But there are some things that aren't funny.

Rape, for instance, is not. Joking about a forced sexual act isn't really accepptable in my book. It's like.....joking about abortion or mass homicide. When you're joking around, it's important to realize the scope of the audience that you are reaching. Joking about mature subjects when their are children or even adolescents in the vicinity makes you look like a vulgar damned fool.

I've also noticed that people say "Hey dude, I've stopped with that. Don't get onto me!" as some sort of cop-out answer when they get busted for something. If you don't want mean ol' Mod Korey to have to swing his Mod Hammer, then don't do things to warrant it. If someone gets caught stealing and then they try to say "Hey dude, I haven't stolen anything the past few days don't get onto me" to the police, they get put in the wagon and hauled off. Same principle applies with me. I'm not trying to be a content Nazi, but there are just some boundaries you shouldn't push. And when I push back, expect that I have a reasonable, logical answer as to exactly why I'm doing so.