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Post Breakup Argumentation is never good

As I mentioned before, me and my GF Alyssa had stopped dating. In every relationship, it's almost obligatory that you have the "post breakup pleading and argument" argument. It took everything I had as a person to keep my stance and not give in and get back with Alyssa. I realize why that this isn't the "nicest" decision in terms of feelings, it will benefit me in the long run. I am lucky to have my friends and family to support me an give me advice. I actually had a friend break up with her BF on the same night because she was "inspired" by my own strength. I don't know how to really take that, because it was possibly the hardest thing I had to do and it took everything I had to accomplish that. Her relationship with her BF was strained before and several arguements had led her almost to the point of suicide...but seeing my "strength" (I call it resolve) gave her the courage to end the relationship for good. I am proud of her, but yet...I am sad that she had to end a relationship, bad as it was.

Now I look towards the future and to meeting new people and experiencing new things. I'm not gonna stay down for long, I've got too many things that the Lord has intedned for me that I have yet to accomplish :D

May the lord bless you and your loved ones this day, take care of yourselves and them and always glorify god in what you do...

God Bless

First Time out

Well, well...after a long absence from theotaku and myotaku, I finally came back to VV and bam! Here's my world. Quick updates on my life:

I'm not with Alyssa anymore...it was a mutual decision and we thought it'd be better for both of us not to be together anymore.

I'm still going to school and working, pretty much everyday....

That's about it. :P

Life has been okay these past few days, if not a little long. So check out my DDR vids that I did today for my friend Kendra. Today is officaly Kendra Appreciation Day! :D

God Bless