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Tiny Tim

Most stories about Christmas have a happy ending. Everyone is supposed to feel all warm and fuzzy inside and realize the beauty of the season and the things Christmas stands for: Family, Love, and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Most...

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Bagels will eradicate rain when things don't go their way

They like Chameleons on Wheat with Mustard and relish to fill their tummies completely.

In case you were wondering...


This is what theO looks like for moderators

Obligatory well wishes post

Happy Halloween buggers. Be safe.


I've always enjoyed the doctor's office for some reason. I went in today for a physical and was just ecstatic to be there. I had the iPod Blaring, soda in my hand, and general good feelings going into it. Nothing wrong with me, medically. But I got a tetnus shot. And it kinda hurt T_T

How do you guys feel about the doc?