Plot Happenings! (really important!!!)

After the Renaissance (I have it all planned out how it's going to work) they will go to Egypt, where they will finally find Sarasa!!! She has become a rougue, free from all burdens!!! I made a timeline of actions and how things will go from the Renaissance on:
Middle Ages

-Jump through Portal
-Land in Forest
-gets information about location from a peasant
-Konstantine gets to know Angus
-Meet Justinian
-Meet Augustine (a shadow-human)
-Konnie has to leave Justinian to continue quest to find Sarasa
-Genny dies from plague
-they leave just as Augustine kills Justinian


-Talk to maids and little girl to find out where they are
-meets the artists (except for Leonardo)
-Runs away to find Sarasa again
-Sees Justinian's children with one of his mistresses (Irelynd) and Irelynd tries to kill her.
-Leonardo finds the disheveled Konnie and he returns her to Michaelangelo (her new love interest)
-Angus and Konnie remain in Italy for a few more months
-they get seen fighting a shadow animal sent by the Academy in an attempt to get them back and they must flee.
-They take a portal to Egypt


-They both start out stranded in the desert
-they approach a pyramid
-finds Kyrapatra (OC) trying to sneak out.
-they meet Sean Caesar (OC) and help him find her.
-they are all companions until Mark Dawson (OC) tries to court Kyrapatra and kills Sean Caesar.
-Konnie and Angus flee I side one of the older pyramids during the time when Kyrapatra and Sean Caesar are killed. (I might have my History wrong. It could be Caesar who's trying to kill her) and then that's where they find Sarasa.
-she got adopted by a tribe of Shadow-Cats and she refuses to go back to the Academy because there's going to be a big war between the students, teachers, and shadow-animals. It turns out the teachers were training the students A's their own little soldiers to fight in a war against the Shadow-Animals, who are just trying to defend themselves. you find out that the teachers at the Academy they struck out against the Shadow-Animals just because they were scared of them, not because they were trying to hurt them.

So, what do you guys think??