(Forever Yours/Breaking My Curse)

When you come to me, down from,
Down from the filthy town,
From bars across the town,
to my own room,
I cannot see,
Anyone's heart but yours,
Anyone's eyes but yours,
Anyone's love...

"Darkness in my heart, threatening to rip me apart, I need you here, or..."

*This is my curse by day,
I'm waiting for your call,
am I inside,
Am I inside your heart?
This is my curse by night,
I'm desperate waiting here,
Am I the one,
The only one who feels,
This way...

Standing in the light outside,
light outside in my yard,
looking up at the stars,
I think of you,
and in the shadowed place,
I'm looking for your face,
I'm looking for you love,
D'you see me here...

"Shining in the moon's light, looking out for you... Can you see me here, as I see you..."

**This is my curse by day,
Still waiting for your call,
Can you see me,
Can you feel me right now?
This is my love by night,
With you here at my side,
I am at ease,
Here with you in my arms.
This is my curse by day,
Missing you in my heart,
I cry for you,
I'm waiting for your voice,
I want to feel your touch,
And pull you down to me,
Can you hear me,
Can you hear me, right now....

Feeling you with hands bound to,
To only love you now,
To only feels you now,
I only need,
To have you here,
I want nobody else,
I need nobody else,
Can you feel me...?

"Giving myself to you, my heart is in your hands... Can you feel me hear, can you see me at your side..."

***My curse has been destroyed,
With you here in my heart,
How can I reach,
How can I pull you here?
With you holding my hand,
I'll make it through this dark,
this dark and lonely night...

"You've pulled me to my feet, saved from my dreamscape... Towards a love so real... I see only you,
I feel only you, I see only you... With my heart set towards an honest light, with you as my angel, guiding
me, I shall be free, with my love for you..."

**This is my broken curse,
My shattered broken walls,
How can you reach,
So deep into my heart?
My eyes look into yours,
I want to see your soul,
Do you see me,
Can you be here,
here forever...