Oh my god, what is this new slice..?

Okay. So we have Kannazuki no Miko---and Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibitou. Has nobody noticed how ALIKE the two friggin characters Hazuki and Chikane are? At least in the ANIME FIRST EPISODE OF YAMIBOU, Hazuki looks EXACTLY the same as Chikane. I laughed. I mean, seriously. When you think of a yuri, must one seriously have dark hair, while the other has light? Think: Candy Boy, Kannazuki no Miko, Strawberry Panic, Shoujo sect9for the most part), Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora, and a few others I can't name now. Is it because of the contrast, that makes them look so... GOOD together..? We may never know what goes on inside the head of a yuri manga artist(Though I know most GUYS would love such a thing to occur).

So anyway, I see that there's alot of criticizm on how the anime is put together. They say something about lame mechas and such... Well, I CAN say that the mecha parts REALLY sucked, but overall, the series had a great storyline. More often then not, I hear people telling me of how much they cried at the ending. It was a seriously touching anime(though the MANGA is more like PORN. Idiot author, can't you have ANY sensibility to those who love the anime..? You'd NEVER understand that manga without first watching the anime--unless your super smart, and pay REAL close atention to every friggin detail.
But yea, If I HAD to rate Kannazuki no Miko--overall, I'd rate it as follows:

Storyline--four and a half stars

music--five stars

mecha--two stars

character--four stars

depth--four stars

(It's almost impossible to get a perfect score). But overall, this anime has a four star out of five rating, in my own opinion--and according to that of many others. Just read the comments posted on youtube, an' you'll see what I mean.

So if yah know it, good for you. If not--and I'm saying I'm sorry if yah don't know it, for going on about such a thing--yah better check it out. I'll promise you, it's definately worth your time. ^__^

And so, the ninja says bye...