well i ment to write Konaha is my home but ya,,, im not that savy when it comes to computers.. so ya i have a bit of a problem when it comes to typing or on paper but hey im human! any way yes yes yes Konaha is my home, i grew up there and ya not a real happy life. my father died in war and my mother left me so i was taking care of by a jonin. i grew up not having many friend, and then one day when i was 11 a strange man came to the town looking for shelter and i helped him. he was very nice to me and he soon became like a brother to me. he always was there when i needed it. he helped me pratice my ninja skills and he told me stories of where he was from, je was from the sand village. we did almost everything together. it was the first time that i remember having a brother and the jonin i didnt really know he died when i was young also. so it ws my first real experience of haveing a family. though the hokage was weary of him...

i didnt really care what people said as long as they were happy!! ^^