this is a wrold that me and mangakid are going to share to post our photography there is more of the art here and the only photos you take here is of your anime art WHICH ISN'T A BAD THING!! but we thought you know that we could post some of our miscellaneous photos that we take during the day

we hope you like this world and if anybody else wants to post some of there Beautiful photos then just PM me or comment on one of the photos already up and i will add you to the list XD


please dont steal our photos! as mangakid said before please ask if there is something that you NEED to use our pictures for, if you ask we probably will say yes (unless it is to post it as your own art/picture then its a no)


Ferris Wheel

an amzing Ferris Wheel in Chicago (again i do not live there i just travel a lot)

Teens Only

this was taken on a cruis
it is not fake it is a real sign on a real cruise boat i am not crazy! :P

Spiders Web

uuhh yea this was a picture i took at camp and it looked really cool XD

Puppy Love

ok this is a picture of two of our dogs... whats sad is that the one in the tutu is a boy doggie XD

Side of a Train

pretty self explanitory but this picture was taken in alaska (do not live there)