this is a wrold that me and mangakid are going to share to post our photography there is more of the art here and the only photos you take here is of your anime art WHICH ISN'T A BAD THING!! but we thought you know that we could post some of our miscellaneous photos that we take during the day

we hope you like this world and if anybody else wants to post some of there Beautiful photos then just PM me or comment on one of the photos already up and i will add you to the list XD


please dont steal our photos! as mangakid said before please ask if there is something that you NEED to use our pictures for, if you ask we probably will say yes (unless it is to post it as your own art/picture then its a no)


Hang in There!

Here's another picture of the same honeybee in the other bee photo below. Lol its sorta funny... he flew into my sister, fell down on the ground, and I picked him up on a leaf, but he barely had a hold of it XD. Poor guy! But then I put him on a flower and he was happy^^
Thankyou all for your comments^^ thanks again especially to chocolatemud for letting me be a guesy poster^^ ya ha! lol I'm saying thanks alot XD! I wish I could post comments too, but my bad computer is having problems -_-
lol and I found out how to delete my mistakes on here! *fist pump* :D


This butterfly is called a Red Admiral butterfly... really cute and friendly!
I hope everyone will check out this world and ask Choclatemud if you're insterested in posting here too! Its super sun :D Thanks, Chocolate-chan^^ Maybe I'll even make a world too where you can visit^^

HoneyBee <3

Another photo post... this time of a honeybee! I absolutely love macro/closeup photography! Enjoy^^
Forgive me for the previous posting mistakes! Stupid me, forgot to post the image! Hopefully we can clean it up, eh chocolate-chan? I'm sorry *bows*!

My Cat Victor

Hey! Here's my first photo post on chocolatemud's Kodak Moments world!
Thankyou so much for inviting me to be a guest poster, chocolate mud! Its gonna be super fun^^ Thanks soooo much <3 *hugs*
Okay so this is a portrait of my cat Victor... He's currently 11 years old and he's sort of shy to new people. He's affectionate to me but he has a wild side since he used to live on a farm and hunt mice *mrrrowww*!
Hope you enjoy it!

Looks Like a Postcard

hehe i have posted a lot today XD
but this is another picture i took at camp and it just turned out so freaken cool and i love it XD