this is a wrold that me and mangakid are going to share to post our photography there is more of the art here and the only photos you take here is of your anime art WHICH ISN'T A BAD THING!! but we thought you know that we could post some of our miscellaneous photos that we take during the day

we hope you like this world and if anybody else wants to post some of there Beautiful photos then just PM me or comment on one of the photos already up and i will add you to the list XD


please dont steal our photos! as mangakid said before please ask if there is something that you NEED to use our pictures for, if you ask we probably will say yes (unless it is to post it as your own art/picture then its a no)


Lost Romance

ok now this is not a picture that i took! (just wanted to put that out there)
but for anyone that looks at this world this is my friend Anna's picture
here is her deviantart account and she wanted me to put some of her photos on this world so that she can get some publicity on deviantart (she isnt on this site) but i will periodically put up some new photos of hers (if she wants me to) but she is a very nice person and if you have a deviantart account please watch her she is an amazing artist and deserves the love XD but i hope you guys like her stuff!

this is a photo of one of her rats that she took she was really happy when she took this picture and was telling me about how miuch of a perfect model her rat was XD

Hawaiian Church

ok this is a picture i took when i was in hawaii!
i really liked it so i thought of putting it up here now that i have a place to put it XD
hope you guys like!

Giraffe in your face!

haha this is when i went to go feed the giraffes with my friend XD giraffes are awesome!
most of my photos are of landscape and animals XD the ones that i can get the best photos of XD
if anyone has any ideas for a photo that we could do please just say so and we will see what we can do!


My little jumping spider friend who lived in my houe during the winter last year... Lol don't worry, he was only as big as the letter 'O' on your keyboard and he hops! He was really curious of me... Jumping spiders seem to have personalities (lol I know, now you're probably looking at me like I'm crazy! XD) Well, he served as a photo subject for me while all the other insects where hibernating XD! I took this picture of him while he was sitting on a mirror, hence the reflection!

Oh yeah, and please don't steal our photos! :'( Ask us if you'd like to use them first. thanks^^


I don't know if this little damselfly was waving or saluting... but I think he was trying to communicate to humans somehow... lol XD
Totally lucky shot, where I caught this little guy with his arm up! Cute though, I think^^