this is a wrold that me and mangakid are going to share to post our photography there is more of the art here and the only photos you take here is of your anime art WHICH ISN'T A BAD THING!! but we thought you know that we could post some of our miscellaneous photos that we take during the day

we hope you like this world and if anybody else wants to post some of there Beautiful photos then just PM me or comment on one of the photos already up and i will add you to the list XD


please dont steal our photos! as mangakid said before please ask if there is something that you NEED to use our pictures for, if you ask we probably will say yes (unless it is to post it as your own art/picture then its a no)



I LOVE MONARCHS... I'll go to extreme measures to get a picture of a monarch butterfly! I luv 'em soooo much! <3
I hope you love this pic^^

Honeybee Macro

Here's another honeybee picture! I think I've posted quite a few bee shots already, but I love bees! ^^

Shadowing the Real

Hiya! Here's another of my photos... A Red Admiral butterfly with its shadow... sorta artsy, I think^^ I hope you like!

Hey, chocolatemud! Tell Anna that her photos are awesome! I'm glad you're posting for her... can't wait to see more :D. I don't have a deviantart account, but I'll be sure to visit her gallery and look at her photos!


another anna photograph
OMG these thing are soo cute!! and one of them stayed and they raised it and i got to give him a bath XD IT WAS SO FLUFFY!! haha but i tried to jump out of the sick while we washed the mud off of it he just didnt want to stay still

The Flowers

ok another one of Annas pictures she is an amazing photographer XD
and i hope you guys like her stuff as much as i do!