this is a wrold that me and mangakid are going to share to post our photography there is more of the art here and the only photos you take here is of your anime art WHICH ISN'T A BAD THING!! but we thought you know that we could post some of our miscellaneous photos that we take during the day

we hope you like this world and if anybody else wants to post some of there Beautiful photos then just PM me or comment on one of the photos already up and i will add you to the list XD


please dont steal our photos! as mangakid said before please ask if there is something that you NEED to use our pictures for, if you ask we probably will say yes (unless it is to post it as your own art/picture then its a no)


Excuse the Blurriness [is that even a word?]

this is what i looked like when i was little... with a blue tongue dyed from jello XD

haha i havent posted in awhile so i would like to keep this updated :D
hope you enjoy!

I love where i live!

haha just a black and white picture of a mountain that is right by where i live sometimes i just LOVE living here it is so much fun and there is so much to do. we are one of those places where everyone comes to visit for vacation or the weekend! me and my dad laugh because we live there so we get to have fun in the outdoors all the time


Does Anyone?

question for my followers on this site! :)

does anyone know where this place is??
i already do because i was there when the picture was taken but lets see if you guys can figure it out XD

should be fun and interesting to see what you guys think if anyone tries to guess it that is :P

yay i had some one try to guess XD

haha but here is a clue for people that have actually looked at this post
1. It is in the western part of the USA
2. Bill gates has a house here dont think that helps but fun fact
3. It has i trail going up to the top called Misery Ridge

Seattle... or San Francisco...??

haha yea this was taken so long ago that i dont even remember where it is :P
sometimes traveling so much you forget what things you take pictures of @[email protected]

haha but i hope you guys still like!!

Halloween [sorta]

havent posted a picture in awhile so this is my new flow of pictures!! YAY!

uh just a creepy picture that was taken XD
now this is actually from where i live :P not somewhere else haha