Well this is basically where ima write to myself ^-^'
so basically whom ever cares to read then they are welcome to. xP
Ah *scraches head* so.... uh yeah >.>


Computer and SUCCESS!!!!

So my computer has a web cam built into it and if my pictures weren't scanned up the were usually taken with the camera. And because I lack the understanding of most technology nowadays i finally figured out i can flip the pictures to make them seem normal! YAY!!!! :D
-_- I know I'm a Failure of a child
and for the past *uses fingers to count* week i had lost the internet connection in my house so now that everything is up and running ( including my brain ) i will probably have about 15 posts of art.

Mega art surge :D

well i don't really write in my world much do i? i guess its time to start ^^;
so lately i've had a lot of free time and i've been drawing lots :D but the size requirements are a pain and my art is usually too big for it :/ so it may be sometime before i upload art on here


Graaaah man its hard to make a picture on ms paint >A<
well uhm currently im working on an ms paint picture of Naomi. An oc i created for my firends storiestory ^-^
wether or not anyone cares ;u;
well yep that is my most reacent art that im working on.