London Shadow Mage - 9

Harry Potter Yu-Gi-Oh crossover – Disclaimer: I own neither

/Ryou and Bakura mind link/

Koe – Voice (What Ryou calls the spirit of the ring)

Yadonushi – Landlord (What the spirit calls Ryou)


Quietly, Harry sat nearby an open window. His snowy owl sat beside him, enjoying the gentle touch of her master's hand as he brushed his fingers along her wing. Harry's attention was on the envelope he now held in his hand. He repressed a small chuckle as he looked over the script that marked the letter's destination. Ryou had his own name and address scribbled in the corner while the center held Harry's name with St. Brutus's underneath. It even had a stamp in the corner. Truly the work of a muggle.

"Good work girl" Harry said to his owl as he gently scratched her head and watched her affectionately nibble on his finger.

"There you are! Blimey Harry, I've been lookin all over for you in this place." Chanted a familiar red head from the door. Ron came over and plopped himself down beside Harry and Hedwig.

"So whatcha hiding in here for? If you were going to duck out of cleaning duty, the least you could do is take your best friend with you" Ron said as he nudged Harry's shoulder. Harry gave his friend a smirk.

"Actually I came in here to see Hed— " Harry's sentence was cut short by a loud popping sound and sudden appearance of a set of twins.

"Harry!" the duo chirped in unison as they lifted their arms skyward.

"We knew we could find you!" They said, yet again in unison.

"Well, I did. Fred wasn't so sure" This time only the twin on the right spoke. Soon enough his mirrored sibling responded.

"Nonsense Fred! I knew exactly where Harry was. So." The twins turned their heads towards Harry with matching smirks.

" What have you got there?" Asked the other twin as both motioned to the envelope in Harry's hand.

"Oh sure, say hi to Harry but completely ignore your own brother?" Ron crossed his arms and cocked an eyebrow at the twins.

"Did you hear something, dear brother of mine?"

"No, I don't suppose I did."

"Tis a shame."


Ron rolled his eyes and gave his attention back to Harry. His friend was doing a poor job of suppressing his smile at Ron's expense. Harry stood and slipped the piece of paper into his back pocket. The twins looked put out.

"Have you got secrets you don't want to share with us?" Fred suddenly asked, pretending to be truly hurt at the notion.

"George, what have we done to receive such scorn?" chimed in the second twin as he gripped a bit of shirt over his heart.

"It's just a letter. I hardly count it as a secret" Harry said as he waved the twins and their antics off. Ron stood up and walked beside Harry, giving him a curious look.

"Is it from that new muggle friend of yours?" He asked. Harry didn't even get a chance to reply.

"New— "


With a pop, the twins vanished, only to reappear directly behind Harry. Harry spun around as he felt something slip out of his pocket.

"Oh my, dear me! I've found a letter!" Fred said as he gazed at the small piece of paper in mock surprise. His brother leaned on his shoulder and read the envelope.

"Oh, but who sent it? That's the question. If Harry's got a new friend, then we should be investigating" Both twins glanced at the elegant writing in the corner. It was a bit unusual to see the sender's name in the corner, but right now it was mighty convenient. The twins tipped their heads at the same time.

"Ree-O? Or is it – "


One of the twins snapped his fingers and they looked at each other.

"I've got it. It's 'Are You'" they said together. Harry shook his head and made a futile grab for the letter. The twins easily held it out of reach.

"So who is this 'Are - you'" George inquired with a smile. Fred supplied his own answer.

"Oooh, what if it's 'that' kind of friend?"

"You don't mean our little Harry is growing up do you?"

"Harry! You should have told us you finally found a girl."

"Alright, you've had your fun. Now come on guys. Give me back my letter." Harry ordered. You could tell by his tone he was getting annoyed with the twins. He could only take so much at once.

"We're only kidding with you Harry" George said with a smile as he leaned his arm on his brother's shoulder.

"Here you go. One love letter from your muggle friend" chirped Fred as he handed back the envelope.

"It's not a love letter." Harry deadpanned as he took the letter. The twins only chuckled and exchanged a glance with each other.

"Whatever you say" They said in unison before disappearing yet again with a loud 'pop'.

Harry sighed as he put the letter away to read later. He couldn't help but smirk as Ron started to complain about Fred and George and how they had totally dismissed his presence.

"So, Ron. Why were you looking for me?" Harry asked, bringing the red head out of his little rant.

"Oh, right. Hermione found some books she thought might help you prepare for the… you know." Ron said, glancing away at the thought of the hearing that was fast approaching. Harry took a deep breath. He still couldn't believe he was being put on trial for defending himself.

"Alright. Let's go then." He said in resignation. He could tell by Ron's face he had been hoping Harry could come up with an excuse not to go. Studying from old, dusty, possibly spider-filled books was the last thing either of them wanted to do at the moment.


Ryou stretched and yawned as he hung up his jacket by the door. It had been a busy night at the diner and he was thoroughly prepared to collapse into bed and call it a night. He glanced at the clock. Perhaps it was a little too early for that just yet. He slipped his shoes off and headed to the kitchen. Had he been smart, he would have grabbed something from the diner, but he had forgotten about feeding himself during the dinner rush. Oh well. It wasn't like having to cook his own food was that big of a chore.

As he sliced some carrots for a stew, he thought about how quiet the town was lately. The spirit of the ring hadn't been very talkative, not that that was unusual. He hadn't taken control over his body in a while either. Not since they had gone to London. In fact, nothing particularly exciting had happened since Harry left. He had planned on telling his friend what was happening around town during his absence, but there really wasn't much to tell. Ryou was brought out of his thoughts by a tiny pain in his finger. Instantly he ran some water over the little bleeding cut.

"I guess I should pay more attention to what I'm slicing." He said to himself before turning off the water and slipping a band aid over the wound. As he inspected the injury, he felt something prick at his skin under his shirt. He knitted his brow before instantly pressing his hand to his chest, right over a certain golden Egyptian artifact. A smile slipped onto his face as he dropped his hand and glanced at the knife on the counter.

"Nothing exciting? I can make us the talk of the town" he purred to himself as he picked up the blade and inspected the bloodied edge. He wiped the blade on his pants and stashed the knife on his person as he turned for the door. His smile spread into a wicked grin.


Harry sat in one of the old wooden chairs, slouched over the table with his chin resting on one of the many books stacked for him to skim through. He had made it to about page 5 before deciding nothing he read would help him. He let out a breath and leaned backwards against the chair. Well, since there was nothing better to do, he slipped Ryou's letter out of his pocket and began reading what his muggle friend had to say.


Thank you for writing. I'm glad to hear that everything is okay. I hope the envelope is alright. I wasn't sure if I needed to write a return address since Hedwig knows where we both are, but I wrote it anyway just in case. I only just realized now that I have no clue where your school actually is either so hopefully this will still reach you. This is the first time I've ever sent a message with a bird.

I still can't believe you had to leave for school so soon. I was under the impression that the school year in England normally started in September.

Stuck with cleaning duties on your first day? That's unlucky. Well, good luck with your studies.

~Ryou Bakura

Harry jerked his head up as the muffled bang of a stack of books landed beside him. He waved his hand back and forth in front of him to get rid of the resulting dust cloud.

"Did you find anything useful?" asked a frizzy haired brunette as she looked over at Harry. Her shoulders sagged as she realized what Harry was doing. Or more importantly, what he wasn't doing. Harry offered a sheepish smile and shrugged as Hermione sat down beside him.

"Hey, Harry. What's the square thing in the corner here?" Ron asked as he tapped the corner of the envelope that had held Ryou's note. Harry folded up the letter and chuckled.

"It's a stamp. You should know that one Ron. Your dad used them last year. A lot of them." Harry smiled as he recalled a certain piece of mail before his 4th year at school that had so many stamps on it that he couldn't see the actual envelope.

"What's the point of it?" Ron continued to ask as he picked up the envelope and inspected the stamp.

"It's how muggles pay for the transport of their mail, since they don't use owls. Maybe you should take a class in Muggle Studies." Hermione pitched in.

"No thank you." Ron instantly replied, putting his hands up to ward against the very idea. "So what did he say? You're friend?" He asked as he looked at Harry. Hermione gave Ron a look that he missed completely. She was just as curious about Harry's new pen pal, but Ron had no sense of subtlety. Luckily Harry was open to talk about his muggle friend. Actually, it was nice to have a topic to talk about that didn't require any secrecy.

"He wasn't sure how to go about sending mail via owl" Harry said with a smile. "I'll tell him he doesn't need a stamp or anything like that when I write him back"

"After we get to school….right? You couldn't possibly be thinking about sending another letter out from a secret headquarters." Hermione glanced at Harry nervously, but Harry didn't meet her gaze.

"What's the problem if he did?" Ron asked, genuinely confused. Harry smiled at his red haired friend and spared a glance in Hermione's direction.

"There is a certain dark wizard out there who is none too fond of Harry. What if Hedwig is tracked?" she said, her voice automatically falling to a whisper.

"Harry used to send Hedwig here all the time without any problems right? Besides, the place is hidden so it's not like a bit of mail is going to bring all the deatheaters to our doorstep." Ron shrugged. He honestly didn't see the danger here.

"It'll be fine Hermione." Harry looked at her with confidence.


The white haired boy stopped and blinked rapidly as he tried to get his bearings. He held his head in his hand and leaned against a wall to balance himself. Where was he? He couldn't remember what happened after he accidently cut his finger. He frowned as he realized he was now definitely outside his own house and it was some hours later. The night wind caused him to shiver and instantly he walked into his home.

Ryou stopped and looked at the door knob in confusion. It hadn't been locked. He always locked the door and he would be lying if he said finding it open didn't make him uncomfortable. He took a steady breath and stepped further inside. The house was just as it always was. Well… excluding the new addition of a pair of crisscrossing sabers sitting on the wall.

/heh. So easily frightened / chuckled the spirit of the ring. Ryou sighed as he closed the door and dropped his backpack on the couch with who knew what in it. He walked over to the glorified pieces of metal that now sat in his home.

"When did you get these?" He asked halfheartedly. He wasn't surprised when the spirit didn't respond either. He shook his head and returned to the door.

"Koe, I know your specialty is undoing locks, but I don't want the house to be broken into." He said as he clicked the lock in place.

/ As if a mere lock could stop a true thief./

"Well, it's better than an open invitation to my stuff." Ryou said flatly.

/Nonsense Yadonushi. The more locks on the treasure, the louder it calls to be claimed./

Ryou shook his head at the spirit's blissful tone. This was getting them nowhere.

"What happened to keeping a low profile?" He asked in a defeated voice. The spirit was smug in his reply.

/This town needed something to talk about. I've done the people here a favor./

Ryou dropped his head and sighed. Whenever the spirit suppressed his consciousness for any length of time, he felt a little sick. Whether that was from being locked in his soul room or from worry about what the spirit did during his lapse in memory, he couldn't say.

"Was this all you did tonight?" He asked, gesturing to the sabers and the bag that now sat innocently on the couch. He wasn't expecting a reply, but to his surprise he got one.

/Of course not. Do you honestly think it would take me that long to steal a few choice blades?/

Ryou tipped his head to the side. He glanced at the clock and noted it was indeed getting late. If the spirit hadn't been spending all that time stealing, then what had he been doing?

/That is none of your concern. Now Yadonushi, go to bed and sleep./

Ryou shivered as he felt the spirit's influence press against his mind. He gripped the leather cord around his neck and pulled the ring off. He let the item hang from his hand, glinting innocently in the light from the rising moon. Maybe he had grown too used to being awake when the spirit took control. He had grown too used to switching control with the spirit.


The spirit of the ring was resting calmly in his own soul room with just the red of his ancient style robe around to add some color to his internal darkness. He sat alongside one of the walls, eyes closed and head leaning against the hard surface. He let the shadows coat the floor, twisting and turning as they seeped from the wall across from him. Lazily his eyes drifted open a fraction and focused on the door on the wall to his right. The link he shared with the current owner of the millennium ring was weakened. His host must have taken off the ring for the night. That wasn't too surprising.

The thief grinned. Today had been an accomplishment. It had taken longer than he had wanted, but at last he had regained enough of his former power to force Ryou's mind into an involuntary slumber. Perhaps a little longer and he will be able to maintain his control for more than a few hours. He supposed that was one thing that was beneficial about having his host awake. It required less energy to just switch places than it did to switch AND keep his Yadonushi asleep. Energy had not been a problem for him before. It was all thanks to Battle City and that damn psychotic Egyptian. Not that it mattered… he was regaining his strength now, and his host had actually become more resilient to magic. In the end, he still managed to benefit from his banishment to the realm of shadows.

The thief let his eyes slip closed again. It was a relief to have his magic coming back to him. His host may have already pushed aside the strange attack of the wraith monster, but not the king of all thieves. He was still unsure of what exactly that thing was and how it had been able to enter his host's mind. Even with his skill with putting up mental barriers, it had been a challenge keeping the creature at bay. Perhaps it was the thought of encountering more than one of those things at once that had been giving him a strange feeling all day. His patrol around the neighborhood had turned up nothing remotely threatening. Not that it mattered. As long as Ryou had the ring, he would be able to deal with any enemy they came across.

His hand reached up to grip one of the tines hanging from the ring on his naked chest. He let the spike bite into his palm and draw blood. As he opened his hand, he glanced down and observed the glistening piece of gold with its fresh red coating. The ring was another mystery. He knew the location of all seven of the millennium items, and none of those locations were remotely close to London. If not the power of the items, then what exactly had the ring been guiding him to?

As he gazed at his hand, the blood and wound vanished. His palm was unscathed and the ring was just as polished and pristine as always. He balled his hand into a fist and grinned. England was proving to be much more interesting than he had expected.


Harry sighed as he stood in the elevator that was carrying him to a room full of wizards who were most likely going to expel him. The twelfth of August came much too fast for his liking. To make matters worse, his hearing had been moved ahead by an hour. Mr. Weasley's kind words were doing little to lighten the mood. Well, at least once the day was finally over, he'd be able to finish up his latest letter to Ryou and send it out. He had told Ryou he had already gotten in trouble in school and Ryou's reply message was filled with best wishes and support. If only pretty words could actually get him through this hearing…

"Ready Harry?" Mr. Weasley looked down at his young charge. Harry took a deep breath and nodded.

Time to face the ministry.


Ryou rolled over in his bed and glanced at the clock through his messy bangs. Yet again, he was incredibly happy he took off from work on Sundays. He yawned and slowly pulled himself out of bed to begin his Sunday routine. He hesitated once he saw the millennium ring, sitting so harmlessly on the bedside table. He stared at the piece of golden jewelry and clenched his teeth. The spirit had been planning something for today. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to leave the ring behind.

/Yadonushi, put on the ring./

The spirit's words still managed to reach him even without actually wearing the cursed artifact.

"You're going to hurt people today… aren't you Koe?" Ryou said calmly as he looked down at the ring. As long as he wasn't actually wearing it, the spirit could not do anything to him….right?

/Fine then. Leave the ring here so the next thief to enter this house can pick up a piece of pure gold that can bring them more than just death. / The spirit spoke dismissively. Ryou shivered at the thought. The ring was not a thing he could just leave lying around, this he knew. But that didn't mean he had to wear it. He picked up the leather cord and carried the pendant with him downstairs. He let it sit on the counter as he fixed himself some breakfast, and then finally brought his backpack over. He unzipped the bag and picked up the ring, gazing at the eye in the center. For a moment, he seemed as if he was in a trance, but he quickly shook his head and started putting the gold into the bag.

/Yadonushi, I'm not going to hurt anyone. Don't worry. I can't protect you unless you are wearing the ring though… put it on Yadonushi. Put it on and I promise I won't hurt the normal ones./

Ryou hesitated again. He stared at the ring, once again entranced by the golden shine and the sound of the voice trapped within. He blinked and shook his head.

"Promise you won't make me go to sleep. I want to have a full memory, so no locking me in my soul room." Ryou waited in silence after talking to the golden necklace sitting in his backpack. It was times like these when living alone was actually preferable.

The silence dragged on as the spirit weighed his options. Ryou sighed and was reaching for the zipper when the spirit finally spoke up.

/Fine. You have my word. I won't force you to sleep. Today./

Even with the spirit's reassurance, Ryou was unsure…. But one of the few things the spirit actually did was stick to his promises. At least, he had kept his word when he promised things to Ryou. Not that the spirit made many promises to his host.

Ryou pulled the ring out of the bag and pulled the leather strap over his head.


His usual Sunday routine went uninterrupted. The spirit hadn't said another word since his discussion with Ryou that morning. Ryou had walked to the flower shop, hailed his cab, and visited his family like he did every week. He was sitting in the cemetery now, all his worries momentarily forgotten as he took the time to keep his lost ones close to him. Keeping his living family close to him was proving far more difficult. At least he knew his mom and sister were always there. They didn't spend all their time away from home. They stayed with Ryou. He made sure to keep them close to his heart.

As late afternoon began to creep up on him, Ryou walked back to the road. He stood with his arm out and relaxed as a cab pulled up beside him. As he slipped inside, preparing to go back to his home in Little Whinging, he wondered if he had been mistaken. The spirit really hadn't been planning anything. The spirit chuckled in the back of his mind. Of course. He should have known better.

"Hello? Kid? Where to?" The cab driver said, glancing at his oddly quiet passenger with a look of annoyance. The kid blinked up at him as a smile fell on his face. His narrowed eyes removed any trace of innocence that smile should have implied.

"Have you heard of a place called the Leaky Cauldron?" The boy asked. The driver gave him a confused look. Immediately the white haired boy's smile dropped. The man produced a brick shaped handheld device, which earned a cock of the head from the boy in the back seat. He didn't recognize it. The man was hitting buttons on it before holding it up to his ear and asking about the pub the boy had requested. Confusion covered his face at the reply the man received, and he looked at his passenger.

"Sorry kid, but I don't think this Leaky Cauldron place exists"

The boy stared at him a moment before kicking open the door and getting out. The taxi driver was not pleased with his behavior, but the white haired teenager ignored all the yelling as he walked down the street.

"Like a stupid little black box holds all the answers" grumbled the spirit of the ring as he marched on. He really didn't feel like walking all the way there. Even more annoying was the chuckling in the back of his head.

"What, Yadonushi, is so funny?" He barked in irritation. Ryou was just glad the irritation wasn't really aimed at him in particular.

/Koe, that 'black box' the man had was a mobile phone. He was probably asking for directions to the pub./

The spirit paused a moment and shrugged. He hadn't realized phones came in such portable sizes. Not that it mattered. The mortal was still stupid and useless in the spirit's eyes. He shoved his hands in his pockets and continued walking. The walk was peacefully quiet and uneventful. The spirit didn't stop again until he was close to the general area they had found the pub in before. But where was it? He clenched his jaw and looked around. This was Charing Cross Road. It had to be here somewhere. Finally the spirit just tucked himself against the wall of one of the shops and pulled the millennium ring from under his shirt. It was pointing again. He glanced down the street in the direction the ring demanded. Soon, the ring disappeared under his shirt and he headed further down the block. He was growing more annoyed by the second until he once again stopped to consult his ring for directions. This time, he leaned against a rather run down, falling apart little shop. His back barely touch the wall of the building when a shiver shot down his spine.

/Koe…what was that?/

Ah. So his little landlord decided to finally speak again did he? The spirit didn't bother replying. Instead he backed away from the building and glanced at it. The Leaky Cauldron. How did he miss it? Casually, he gripped the handle and entered. The first thing he did upon entry was look around.

And people called him and his host weird.

He barely stopped for a second before continuing further into the little pub and sitting himself down at one of the corner tables. A quick scan over the place instantly aroused suspicion in the thief. The menu was unusual…. What the hell was a sickle? Perhaps 'galleon' wasn't a misspelling of gallon either. He decided the table in the corner wasn't going to get him information, so the thief silently moved over to an inconspicuous place beside the bar. His eyes watched every little transfer of money and listened to every word said. The most common transfer was the silver coins. Sickles, as they kept calling them. Bronze coins were given in return. Most likely that was their change. Bakura managed to observe a good amount of time completely unnoticed. Sadly, even with his skill at being a living shadow, he just wasn't that easy to overlook.

"Hey kid… this ain't a place to loiter. What's your purpose?" asked the bartender. He took the tip jar, which looked like it was full of bronze and silver coins, and moved it further from the thief. Bakura smirked and laughed to himself at the gesture.

"Just waiting for someone." He shrugged and offered the bartender a winning smile. It was enough to pacify the man for now, and Bakura returned to observing in silence.

/I've never seen money like that before. Do you know anything about it?/

Ra damned host.

'There are three types of coins. The silver are sickles, and judging how people are paying, the gold are called galleons and the bronze coins suck. Now hush Yadonushi.' The spirit returned to his quiet observing, taking in every sound and expression, making note of ––

/Why are they using such strange currency? How do you know what they're called?/

Bakura groaned, earning him a few curious gazes that didn't last very long. He did not reply to his host this time, which annoyed Ryou quite a bit. Bakura smirked.

"Kid, do you have any clue when your friend is supposed to meet you here?"

Bakura turned his gaze to the bartender and looked him over carefully. His eyes flashed over to the steps beside the little sign that read 'rooms'. Time to gamble.

"No. He said he may be late. Do you mind if I rent a room for the night?" He asked with a grin.

/What are you doing Koe? We can't stay here! We have to get back home and this place doesn't look very friendly./

Yet again, the peanut gallery was ignored.

"Sure kid. Seven galleons." The bartender said calmly, eyeing the thief carefully. Bakura continued to smile as he walked closer to the bar and casually sat between two other patrons. He produced the golden coins easily and suddenly the bartender seemed much more calm and easy going with the white haired boy.

/Koe, where…? When…? …. Nevermind. Remember though… you promised not to hurt anyone./

"Correction, I said I wouldn't hurt the normal people." The spirit mumbled quietly to himself with his hand leaning casually against his face, conveniently covering his mouth.

/Fine, same thing. Don't hurt anyone normal then/

The spirit smirked again. "Define 'normal'" He chuckled. This time his neighbor gave the boy an odd look, which Bakura met with a dark glare.

"What?" He challenged, never dropping his gaze from the man. The man's eye twitched in annoyance.

"Watch your tone, whelp. You should learn to treat your superiors with respect" The man shot back as he leaned closer to the child. Bakura grinned, letting his canines flash in a most menacing fashion. He leaned in closer to the man too.

"No worries old man. If I ever find someone superior to me, then I will." He replied smoothly. The two stared each other down a moment longer before the other man finally shook his head and stood up. Bakura mimicked the motion, though the two parted ways, with Bakura heading for the stairs and the man preparing to pay and leave.

He was already opening the door to his room when the man realized his pockets were empty.


Bakura yawned as he glanced at his bounty spread across the scrappy little bed of his room. He managed to glean some more information from that stranger's possessions. For one thing, it appeared that those three coins were it for currency. Nothing else could really qualify. Then again, he had no idea what type of currency the coins were anyway, so who really knew what other monetary values would look like anyway? He picked up one of the large golden pieces and smiled as he inspected it. These were definitely his favorite of the three types. The quality wasn't that bad either. He pushed the stolen coins into his pocket and glanced at the other items. Paper scraps instantly found their way to the trash bin.

/That's strange. Money I can understand, but why carry a stick in your pocket?/

For once, the spirit had to agree with his host. He picked up the smooth, slender piece of wood and inspected it carefully. It really did just look like a fancy well polished stick. His head jerked up at the sound of the doorknob rattling. A muffled shout could be heard behind said door, and suddenly it flew open. Two men stood at the door. One was glaring at the young thief and Bakura couldn't help but smile back at him.

"You. Give me my things. Now." The man growled. Bakura glanced at the other and quirked an eyebrow as he realized the other man had a stick too. He was pointing it at him as if it was going to shoot laser beams from its tip. How ridiculous.

"You mean this little thing here? It's all yours" Bakura said with a wonderful little smile. It threw the two men off guard and the one who had escorted Bakura's latest victim glanced at his friend. The other man simply snatched the stick and pointed it at the kid as well.

"The money too, brat." He barked. Bakura tipped his head and looked horribly confused.

"Money? But…I found that on the floor" He said, gesturing to the stick. "I have no idea what you mean about money. Did someone rob you?" His impression was golden. He could have tricked the Pharaoh with his innocence act. Hell, he'd successfully done so in the past.

"He doesn't look like a thief" The escort mumbled, looking at the other man with doubting eyes.

"He's lying! Obviously! He had my wand!"

/wand? Is this some kind of occult pub? That's so cool/

Bakura's eye twitched, but he had no time to talk to his host.

"I don't have much money myself… but if you need it, I can let you borrow some" the white haired child offered as he produced a small pouch carefully filled with just the bronze and silver pieces. He offered it with a helpful face.

"What kind of thief would just give you your stuff back like that? That's the last time I listen to you. Geez, just leave the poor kid alone." The escort rolled his eyes with a huff and marched away. The other man continued to glare at Bakura, snatching the little bag and holding the stupid twig close to him.

"You may have tricked my friend there, but I'm not about to let you get away without punishment" The man hissed. Bakura smiled as his hand slipped into his back pocket. He frowned as he felt his arm go rigid.

/No! You said you wouldn't hurt people. I'm not going to let you hurt an innocent man/

"Pff, he's hardly innocent Yadonushi. He's the one threatening us" Bakura growled, ignoring the incredulous stare of the other man. He focused more on forcing his fingers to wrap around a leather covered handle.

/Stop it! You can't—/

"Yadonushi. It's 12:30. Your promised day has been over for a half hour. Now…sleep" He said darkly.

"You're mental." The man said as he raised the wand and began moving it. He barely uttered a single syllable before the thief lunged at him with something metal shining in his hand.