This is an ongoing story that will be written by me and my friends. Each of us will take turns writing a chapter from our characters point of view. We will also be posting other stuff that relates to the story. If you read anything in this world please comment, we're desperate for feed back. And if you have any sugestions, requests or question please feel free to message us. Thax i hope you enjoy this world. And please spread the word

Chapter 10; Watermelon

I decided to write this as V's is to mind-blocked to think :P I'ma gonna guess that V's and Vixy guessed exactly what was going to happen in this chapter because of the title >__< I couldn't think either and thought hey, why not, no be...

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Haven't posted here for ages

I know it's my turn to write the next chapter guys, but i don't have any idea what to write, or the time to write it. I know vix has some idea's on what to write next, so i suggest u write the next chapter.
Sorry. bye


Sorry I was just wondering V's when are you gonna post your next chapter of the Kit Saga because it's kinda your turn and none of us has posted in AGES cause this one is on a turn basis

Wadda you think?

I was thinking about offering someone the oportunity to take over Rayne for me (after the next few chapters though) then someone else could join in this story but off to the side. WHat do you guys think? Or do you want to keep this just us?

well bye for now *Huggles*

Chapter eight: Worth Nothing

Hey, I know it took me AGES to post this, but im done. FINALLY. I put a bit more effort into this one then my previous chapters. and I know, it's a bit random. But it's just to portray Tina's original thoughts about Whit after he joins. and it's n...

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