-Music I'm Listening To Right Now
I. "Rage (Gigi D'Agostino Remix)"-Technoboy
II. "Sound Like This"-Blutonium Boy
III. "Blast My Desire"-MOVE
IV. "My Empty Bottle"-Korsakoff
V. "Raise Your Hands"-Midihead

-TV Shows I'm Watching Right Now
I. 24
II. Two And A Half Men
III. Reaper

-Manga I'm Reading Right Now
I. Reborn!
II. Loveless
III. Get Backers Infinity Fortress
IV. 07-Ghost

-Video Games I'm Playing Right Now
I. Resident Evil 5

-Quote of The Moment
"The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help."-Ronald Reagan

Yours Truly

Alright, my name is Kira. Yes, like Light Yagami except I was born with it and had it before he did. I live in Illinois. It sucks here. D: Anyway, I am a Hardcore gamer who plays a lot of video games. Some of my favorites are the Castlevania series, Pokemon, Perfect Dark, KOF series, Tekken series, DoA series, Phantom Dust, Shin Megami Tensei, Resident Evil series, Project Gotham Racing series, BloodRayne series, Mortal Kombat series, No More Heroes, Devil May Cry series, Final Fantasy series, Ace Attorney series, Guilty Gear series, Xenosaga series, Wild Arms series, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid, and the Luminous Arc series. I am also a proud Otaku. My favorite series are Zombie Powder, Bleach, Gundam Series, Saiyuki/Reload/Reload Gunlock, Godchild, Fruits Basket, Zombie Loan, Petshop of Horrors/Tokyo, xxxHolic, Tsubasa, Black Blood Brothers, Blank Slate, Soul Eater, Higurashi, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Death Note, Legal Drug, Card Captors, Shaman King, Rozen Maiden, X, Prince of Tennis, Ragnarok, Get Backers, Pokemon, Hellsing, Trinity Blood, Trigun, and Gungrave. I have many favorite artists, including Tite Kubo, Kaori Yuki, Kazuya Minekura, Rando Ayamine, CLAMP, PEACH PIT, and Aya Kanno.

I also watch some non-anime TV shows, which almost always end up getting canceled on me. T_T ABC and NBC are the usual culprits for this. Anyway, I watch 24, Journeyman, Crossing Jordan, WWE RAW/SMACKDOWN, Damages, and...actually that's it. O_O Wow. Ah well. As for music I usllay listen to either J-Rock, J-Pop, Hardstyle, Techno, and some Hard Rock/ Metal depending on how you classify it. Some of my favorite bands, singers, and DJs are Versailles, Gackt, DBSK, T.M. Revolution, Baby Anne, Jen Lasher, Deadstar Assembly, Celldweller, The Trax, Mindless Self Indulgence, L'Arc~En~Ciel, Malice Mizer, Blutonium Boy, Prada, CATSCAN, Razed In Black, Tokio Hotel, Rob Dougan, Benny Benassi, Basshunter, Korsakoff, Koda Kumi, Yousei Teikoku, Aural Vampire, BESPA KUMAMERO, Scooter, Dir En Grey, and The Gazette.

I enjoy reading regular books as well as manga. Some of my favorite authors are John Grisham, Dean Koontz, Robin Cook, Miyuki Miyabe, and Dan Brown.

I enjoy watching movies also. Some of my favorites are the Die Hard series, Mirrors, One Missed Call, Suicide Club, Dragon Tiger Gate, House of Flying Daggers, Kung Fu Hustle, Meet The Fockers, Blues Brothers, Scarface, Kill Bill One, Resident Evil series, FF VII Advent Children, The Dark Knight, 300, and the Underworld series.

I enjoy cosplaying immensely. I just started cosplaying back in September and now have a looong list of cosplays I want to do.
Kurodo Akabane-Get Backers
Genjo Sanzo-Saiyuki
Kazuki Fuuchouin-Get Backers
Ban Midou-Get Backers
Hazel Grosse-Saiyuki Reload
Kira Yamato-Gundam Seed
Szayel Aporro Granz-Bleach
Uryu Ishida-Bleach
Franken Stein-Soul Eater
Duo Lon-KOF
Zelman Clock-Black Blood Brothers
Jirou Mochizuki-Black Blood Brothers
Yuko Ichihara-xxxHolic
Ayame Sohma-Fruits Basket
Lady-Devil May Cry

So far I've done cosplays of Franziska Von Karma from Ace Attorney, Cynthia from Pokemon, and Fai D. Fluorite from Tsubasa. This Saturday I will be cosplaying as Misa Amane from Death Note and Integra Hellsing from Hellsing. The great thing about doing these two besides the fact that I've been wanting to do them for some time is that I didn't need to go buy anything special for either costume. Everything I needed for both costumes is already in my closet. ^_^ Except Integra shall be wearing a black suit instead of her olive one. If you'd like I can post the links to the photos once I have them. While I may not be an "experienced" cosplayer I do have some experience so feel free to ask me a question and I'll try and help you out. Some good advice I do have is to check out thrift shops for anything you can use. They are a lifesaver as I've found good portions of costumes there. Another word of advice: Only wear Fai's costume in super cold weather. It's super hot. D:

So there you have it. Feel free to ask me a question or thousand. ;D