The names Sorajen Zaraki

Name: Zaraki,Sorajin

Age: 19

Hight: 6'1"

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Silver,Very long

Likes: Kira,Rampant uncontrolled death

Dislikes: All those who do not follow Kira

He grew up in Nashville,TN and moved to Japan after he placed second in the first tournament. Shortly after he moved the first KIRA incident came to light, during which he was a strong KIRA supporter and was at any and all KIRA gatherings. After Light Yagami died and KIRA's rain was over eh joined the police.

Sorajen on the O: So what do you like to do.
Sorajin Zaraki: If your asking how i pay the bills I fight in tournaments and I am in law enforcement
SO: what do you plan on doing.
SZ: Help KIRA anyway I can.
SO: Thats all?...lame.
SZ: Better than sitting at home and doing nothing.
SO: Yeah I guess your right.
SZ: I hope to see all of you soon...