Second KIRA - Profile Revised

-laughs- I know this is WAY old but I thought it was time to update SK's profile xD But my god has it been a while since I've posted or what? Not jut here in KIRA's Kingdom but on TheO in general lol I've sent someone a reminder about this on the chance we start this up again in the future lol Hopefully they've gotten my message -coughs- Turok -coughs- But anywho, here's SK's new profile :D I was actually thinking about writing up a new post for him just for the heck of it and for the sake of good times in this rp ;D So without further delay, here is his new profile:

Real Name: N/A

Alias: Second KIRA, SK, Kai Kiamari (( Played off of the new KIRA through fascination with her )), Yami (( J.J's name for him, means darkness ))

Gender: Male (( As per the likings of the others in the DN RP :D ))

DOB: October 31st, 1999 (( Because he lives in the year 2023 ))

Age: 24

Eyes: Black/Green

Hair: Black w/Red down the centre and spilling down the back

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 125 lbs

Background: There is little known about SK's history. SK was adopted and never knew his real family. The family that took him in, the Kiamari's, never gave him a real name. Instead they just called him 9 (( because he was their ninth child )) which is part of the reason he has so much paranoia about the number.

SK had a rather low amount of faith, being little to none, in the first Second KIRA but now that he's been given this chance to help the new KIRA change the world he feels he can finally show the world how the first should have acted and why it was that she failed in His (( Light's )) quest.

At some point during SK's life with the Kiamari family he took off in the hopes of finding his real family. When he did it ended traumatically resulting in the death of his real mother and the suspected suicide of his father. According to witnesses his father blamed him for the death of his mother.

Personality: Mysterious, very withdrawn, a Very morbid sense of how certain criminals should be dealt with, sadistic, usually blackmails people into doing things (( particularly his childhood friend Dante )), seems to have a severe and obsessive paranoia with the number 9. To SK the Number is bad luck and can only be counteracted with the number 6 which is the number 9 in reverse and upside down, therefore stopping any and all problems attached to and associated with the 9. Tends to get very jittery and uncooperative if the 9 cannot be counteracted and will pace back and forth counting to 6, stopping and restarting the count up to 6, repeating this process until a solution to the 9 can be found. SK won't set foot out of the house on day's with the number 9 and refuses to move from the desk or his living room during the 9th month of the year (( September ))

View of KIRA: SK feels the original lacked something this new KIRA has which is why he failed. He has a profound dislike of the first Second KIRA and often refuses to admit she was ever a part of His plan (( Light's ))

Likes: Pointless walks, watching the new's for KIRA's latest move and other criminals that need to be punished, crosses (( Always wears one around his neck after obtaining his cat Jaaku )), the number 6

Dislikes: Criminals, corrupt people, the government (( feels they're not doing enough to bring criminals to justice and keep them behind bars )), the number 9, the line at the end of most socks