Hello everyone~

Alright, let’s try a more cheerful post, ne? I’ll start out with an explanation of my status first for anyone who didn’t get the explanation from me on Skype. Four hours in a hospital. Yes. It was not me that needed to be treated however. A friend of mine cut his finger at work, and when I say cut his finger I mean cut half of his fingertip off. I insisted he go to the hospital, and he got in to see the doctor within like five minutes, but then it took them a good four hours to actually finish treating him. The wait in the waiting area was…interesting. It was rather empty and the tv show was amusing at first, then it got boring. My phone died, and I had nothing to do in this time…my cousin was on wifi and I was staring at these three paintings on the wall in front of me. It was a series, a koi pond. I hated them by the time I left. Initially I had found an interest in them, being koi, but the more I stared the more I felt they were too similar to actually be a ‘series’. That annoyed me. If you are going to have them together in a set, at least make them different enough to not look like you just copied the first and turned it 90 degrees to call it part two. Maybe I just overanalyzed it, but anything was better than staring at the people staring at me. >.>’ Towards the end of the four hours, this man came in that scared me. The look on his face was the type of shock comparable to a man who’d just seen a violent murder. He had to sit behind me, why did he have to sit behind me?? He smelt so bad…like alcohol mixed with no shower for months and months. I had to hold my breath for most of the time because I was too afraid to move away from him and draw his attention to me. Thank goodness shortly after, my friend and cousin came out and we could leave. I ran out of the waiting area so fast, they couldn’t even keep up. I was probably turning blue. xD

So then, today was pretty chill. I literally did nothing but eat, chat, and take a shower. I feel so incredibly unproductive. My mood is drifting between depression and happiness, and it’s a very annoying medium. It’s all because I’m being moody about not being able to see my family on my birthday. There had been plans for over 2 months now to meet and celebrate with me, since I’m not at home, but then the plans got canceled, and I’m jealous because they’re going to celebrate my cousin’s birthday with him(the one I share the day with). Mah, I’m trying to stay positive. I am. Don’t worry about me or anything. Just…sorry if I randomly blow or act really mean. I don’t mean to.

Can’t tell if I failed to make an improvement in mood on post, or… e e

Hope you all have a great weekend. Yay laziness for meh.