A Tribute to DBPB-To relieve my rage.

Dear MAC vs PC.

Newsflash. In this economy, you're fortunate to have either.

Stop acting like a spoiled child/Quit hating/Stfu unless you give a legitimate reason <3

My computer was hated on because it's a PC. I have nothing against either macs or pcs. They are both awesome technology, and I hate being put down over something stupid. You want to hate, take it somewhere freakin else. I freakin love my computer D:<

You make me feel so.

Hello Again, time for me to check in again for another lovely post~

As most of you know, I recently celebrated my 25th birthday. This was the first year I celebrated without my family, so I was a bit disappointed, and yet I was thoroughly surprised at my friends(online and off) and cousin trying to still make me feel important. <3 I was very grateful for that because I was rather depressed. My family and I had made plans to meet and I’d been excited about them for over two months, but they had to cancel a week before and I was devastated. YET! At the stroke of midnight my cousin showed up at my door with a cake, complete with lit candles and a chorus of “Happy Birthday” from him and my roommates along with a friend of ours, and I nearly melted into tears. =w=’ Plus I got a couple Happy Bday texts at midnight and my mommy called ; u ; *doesn’t care how childish she sounds saying that*. Not to mention how thankful I was to a few online ppz, you know who you are, for making me feel loved and adored and spending time with me. Thank you thank you thank you. Much love <3333 That afternoon my cousin took me out to lunch at a Japanese Restaurant where you cook your own meal on the center of the table. It was amazing and the first Japanese place I’d been to. I’ll post a pic he took with Instagram. (which he’s forced me to get claiming it’s like a mini-photoshop on your phone. Lies I say. Lies. But neat….>w>)

Other notable items I’ll list here. 4 year anniversary at theO~ Whoo whoo! AND for OHC, my 2 year with Gin <333 I really need to post stuff to celebrate ._.’

Moving on, let’s see. I got a twitter account because I was forced to. Yes. Again. Forced. I am being forced to “tweet”. *wrinkles nose* I guess it’s fun to put random thoughts, but I don’t really do ‘social sites’ well. .__. They usually can’t hold my attention. I won’t be giving my twitter name out to anyone, not because I don’t trust ppz, but mainly because it’s something I will keep sort of exclusive to my ‘school friends’. Makes it easier to keep track of them. *hurrhurr*

AH. NEVER WATCH THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE. EVER. That movie sickened me. So much that I couldn’t even eat dinner. Usually I can handle gory stuff, but my gawd. No. That was just. Wrong. The whole time they were watching it, I was drawing on my computer with my music blasted. Only good thing? I made an awesome picture of Kira. =w= d Oh, and did I mention they watched the sequel two days later? “FML.” That was the single thought going through my mind. It’s ‘worse’ than the first. Lmao

I’m jumping around a lot, so I guess I’ll end with a status report on my mood. Cloudy with a slight chance of sunshine. That’s a pretty good forecast. I haven’t been very happy, for a few reasons that I’ll get over eventually. I don’t want to talk about them because it won’t help them go away. I can’t say it’s been all bad though. I’ve been keeping busy. The other day I felt like a nerd because I got hyper off of my programming class. Then, I was an extra in a video shoot and even though it took 4 hours, it was so much fun. No one could keep serious and all the joking around and goofing off was wonderful for mood improvement. When I got home, I had coffee and helped my other roommate with her photography homework by modeling for her. She took some really creepy shots of me. I started out as her ‘ghost’, then had to change gears to be her ‘beautiful sculpture’. HARD WORK. Just sayin. If you think holding a pose without breathing or blinking for thirty seconds is easy, try it. =w= d I don’t mean once. It’s never perfect on the first shot. MULTIPLE TIMES. Now my cousin is going to dress me up and have me model for him too. Yay. Actually, I’m not saying that with sarcasm. It’s quite fun .w. I’m supposed to model for the “Love is Louder” campaign as well for another friend who’s trying to help out. Fuuuuun ^w^ If you don’t know what Love is Louder is, check it out at this link: HERE I AM. I’m the LINK.8D It’s a good cause.

Alright alright, I’m done for now. Hope I didn’t bore you too much~ <3

Take care,


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