Yo! i'm kin and this is my journal thing-a-ma-jig! so here's some basic stuff about me:

(if i forgot anyone i'm sorry... loooooong day!)

Color: Black
Book(s): House of night series, Wicked lovely, and the Dragonlance series
Anime: Naruto, Bleach, Deathnote, Shugo Chara!, DNangel, Code Geass, Sailor Moon, and many more...

yeah... cant think of anything else soooo... on to the journal thing!

Fall in Love with the Intensity

Written for my friend thesligirl09 ItachixOC Disclaimer: Dont own naruto! My friend owns Pyrus though! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Itachi watched his student as she demonstrated her knowledge on ...

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Tired... =_=

Ok so its like 6 am and im getting ready for school Not very fun... i actually have chemistry today for like 2 hours so that should be fun *sarcasm*
On to other matters.... Im thinking of making a new world for some of my stories... What do u guys think?


Hullo guys! Miss me?
so it's been like a YEAR! lots of stuff happened... like..... NO MORE GYM! you're not required to take it in junior year. makes me soooo happy!
On the other hand now i have chemistry... And the teacher doesnt know how to teach properly
anyway... My friend (lover of the sand) was able to come for a week like a year ago XD we had fun. my little cousin liked her cuz we blew bubbles for him while we camped. She was able to come to school one day too and she got jumped in the lunch line because she looked like gaara. funny thing is now im friends with that girl XD
Another thing is.... I JUST GOT VLADIMIR TODD 11TH GRADE BURNS!!!!! so happy
So im gonna go now... BYEZ!


I had to go to my brother's baseball games today. He had two of them an hour a part. They lost the first one... I really couldn't tell you the score... i stopped counting after it was 4-0. They won the second game though. It was 11-3.
I'm sunburnt now though. My face really hurts I look like a lobster! XD


Today was really boring...
We had a sub in my bio class so we watched a movie. it made me fall asleep so i was out of it till lunch.
my sleepyness might be because i stayed up late reading a book. The Silver Kiss Its a good book! so is Klause's other books Alien Secrets and Blood and Chocolate I recomend them!
Im waiting for my friend's mom to call. She's suppost to tell us if my friend (Lover of the Sand) can fly up here for memorial day weekend and tell us for how long. I've been waiting for months to find out!
I gotta help my sis with dinner now so... Later!