Kinja's Silent Hymn

(Might make a picture thingy here too.)

A world where the melodies of our hearts become realized through numerous songs, by those who can decipher the heart's silent hymns.

( I'm feeling lost again, so I changed the song to reflect this feeling...)

Lost son-Kairi

Ironic title in a way... sometimes I wonder if destiny is at work... anyways... nice song. :3

User 999 dream land.

An interesting compilation of an animation and music. I'd advise not to look at the comments of this video... geez, somehow different variations of music somehow was twisted into a debate on there shouldn't be any different labels...everything should be the same genre. Next thing chu know, people against transgender people will start wanting us all to be turned into robots, for the sake of stagnation.

World of Final Fantasy Ending Song Dance

This ending credits scene nearly killed me...

World of Final Fantasy Nine Wood Hills.

Very peaceful music. Also if chu didn't see my update, I got the game. Ish nice, but sooo many unbeatable fights where you can't win and have to be defeated. I only recommend it to people whom are very patient, final fantasy fan, and whom love cute stuff.

Sancturary Reversed

I feel like this message speaks to me, but that's illogical. Most likely ish about Roxas or Riku from what people are saying. Regardless of intentions, still a nice little secret.