Rest in Peace, baby...

We lost a cat today, our youngest...she was only 10 months. She got hurt real bad this morning and we just couldn't let her suffer.
I was in shock most of the day until I finally just break down and cried over and over.
We buried her with her favorite little stuffed carrot, by some pine trees in the side of the yard. I really want to get a memorial stone with her name on it to set on the grave.

I'm not real religious but, please, say a prayer for her.
I know she's in a much better place now but my heart is still breaking. I'm going to have to put on a brave act and endure it tomorrow since I don't want to cry on the first day of my new job. But I'll still mourn before and after...

♥~Mataline 'Mattie' Juneau~♥
~September 2012-July 2013~
~You are deeply loved and shall always be missed~