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For those of you with drama, go here...cause I have enough.

Okay I dare you...

I have alot of nicknames and for some reason only a few of them are female nicknames... //_>;;
The ones in bold are the ones I've been called the most often.

~Mei(by most of my friends)
~Plum-chan(KiKaiya came up with this one)
~Itachi(compliments of Sasukelover001)
~The Ultimate Evil
~Kouichi-sama(psst hey, case ya didn't know or couldn't tell...I'm a chick, I'm just a tomboy)
~That psycho vampire chick
~Ringu(from my habit of just appearing without warning)
~CAPSKeyblade Master(from SojiRem lolz)
~That evil voice in your head
~Plushie Ninja Assassian
~Shadow on the Moon at night(thank you TNBC)
~Master Mei(thank you Kikaiya and Korukai XD)
~Creepy Doll
~March Hare
~That random person you see running around yelling random stuff(I might pass this one on to Alex)
~The bat amoung the birds
~Girl Riku
~Evil Plushie Clause(gee...thanks alot Chero lol)
~Spazztic Killjoy
~Morpheus(I blame friends in class)
~Izanami(from a story/fic)
~Fallen Angel Master of Black(kinda self-given)
~Rockstar(from class)
~China(one of many Hetalia nicknames I acquired)
~River Song/TARDIS
~Witch of Void of the Land of Death and Prisms(consorts being warlike rainbow tigers who like art)
~The Invisible Piano
~The Wardrobe

Because titles are required...

I'm alive, let's celebrate by eating something dead.

Prompto Argentum, making my heart hurt in every way possible in the best way ever since I first looked at his cute chocodork face.

*flies through time and space*

If it wasn't for all the nice comments you guys left on them, I'd just go and delete all the posts where I was ranting or the like. Anyway... *throws flowers everywhere* Erblicken, blumen... ...

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Late tag from...whenever...

I just happened to find it while reading some of Soji's old posts. ○● B R I T I S H ○● [X] You drink a lot of tea. (All sorts of tea) [X] Foggy weather is great. [ ] Deal or No Deal has taken over your life....

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I shall take this tea...AND DRINK IT...

Since I have a laptop, I can start posting pics and videos again~
So to start us off, here is a AWESOME video from Che-neko~!

Those ruins may or may not have already been there before I got there...

While visiting Ash, I played Assassin's Creed...3 was it? The one with the half-British, half Native-American guy named Conner. And I got bitch-slapped to death by a Prussian Jaeger...literally.
But otherwise I fought like a honorable(and quite angry) British gentleman, while Ash was more of a hyperactive(and amused) American teenager.
I swear, almost every time I went on a kill-spree, it'd start pouring rain.

That video kind of counts as a HetaOni advertisement, right?

This post is wunderboten Awesome Neutrality~!

Guess who has a laptop now~
Well...technically is 'Guess who has HAD a laptop for a few months now' but, I digress. I can actually use it now, so... *FlutterMei whisperish* yay. //w ^
Oh, sorry....too loud? //w v;

Chero's OtakuOni is still advertised by...AWESOME NEUTRALITY >D
And lurking Russia...somewhere...