Where random thoughts dwell...careful, they might bite.

While you're here, why not relax a little?

For those of you with drama, go here...cause I have enough.

Okay I dare you...

I have alot of nicknames and for some reason only a few of them are female nicknames... //_>;;
The ones in bold are the ones I've been called the most often.

~Mei(by most of my friends)
~Plum-chan(KiKaiya came up with this one)
~Itachi(compliments of Sasukelover001)
~The Ultimate Evil
~Kouichi-sama(psst hey, case ya didn't know or couldn't tell...I'm a chick, I'm just a tomboy)
~That psycho vampire chick
~Ringu(from my habit of just appearing without warning)
~CAPSKeyblade Master(from SojiRem lolz)
~That evil voice in your head
~Plushie Ninja Assassian
~Shadow on the Moon at night(thank you TNBC)
~Master Mei(thank you Kikaiya and Korukai XD)
~Creepy Doll
~March Hare
~That random person you see running around yelling random stuff(I might pass this one on to Alex)
~The bat amoung the birds
~Girl Riku
~Evil Plushie Clause(gee...thanks alot Chero lol)
~Spazztic Killjoy
~Morpheus(I blame friends in class)
~Izanami(from a story/fic)
~Fallen Angel Master of Black(kinda self-given)
~Rockstar(from class)
~China(one of many Hetalia nicknames I acquired)
~River Song/TARDIS
~Witch of Void of the Land of Death and Prisms(consorts being warlike rainbow tigers who like art)
~The Invisible Piano

This post is wunderboten Awesome Neutrality~!

Guess who has a laptop now~
Well...technically is 'Guess who has HAD a laptop for a few months now' but, I digress. I can actually use it now, so... *FlutterMei whisperish* yay. //w ^
Oh, sorry....too loud? //w v;

Chero's OtakuOni is still advertised by...AWESOME NEUTRALITY >D
And lurking Russia...somewhere...

Rest in Peace, baby...

We lost a cat today, our youngest...she was only 10 months. She got hurt real bad this morning and we just couldn't let her suffer.
I was in shock most of the day until I finally just break down and cried over and over.
We buried her with her favorite little stuffed carrot, by some pine trees in the side of the yard. I really want to get a memorial stone with her name on it to set on the grave.

I'm not real religious but, please, say a prayer for her.
I know she's in a much better place now but my heart is still breaking. I'm going to have to put on a brave act and endure it tomorrow since I don't want to cry on the first day of my new job. But I'll still mourn before and after...

♥~Mataline 'Mattie' Juneau~♥
~September 2012-July 2013~
~You are deeply loved and shall always be missed~

For damnation sake...

Can't I go a single day without someone breaking out the freakin' drama?!
This entire situation is just freakin' bullocks, seriously.

Some people, I tell you...some people...
I'm going to be ticked off all day now...


This post has permenant Armed Neutrality

~This post of Neutrality is Kira Approved~

I said I would, and I did...
I meant what I said and I said what I meant.


I hope you all had a great 4th of July, I myself didn't get to see any fireworks yesterday. But there's going to be a cool firework show later in the month so I have that to look forward to at least. :'3

And I start my new job on Monday so I'm bugging out again...//A @;

Keep talking, I'm reloading...

-OtakuOni ad in honor of Adele the Dell, who has passed into the Great and Eternal Tech Heaven and the arms of the kind and forever loving Tech God-


Post of Neutrality

This post doesn't actually have anything to do with Switzerland, I just developed a quirk of adding '...of Neutrality' to random things(like hats and boots) because of the Hetalia RP I'm in.
I may or may not use a picture of Vash in my next post though...


Today wasn't too great because of some more drama I'm trying to deal with one day at a time now.

I got my shirts and visor at orientation today so I'm just about set. Just need to find some proper shoes...

But my day wasn't just all drama and work BECAUSE...
I got to talk to Ash for almost an hour today~! //w <
And as usual we talked about random Hetalia stuff and certain countries got thrown but all is well. I'm not even sure I remember how it all started this time... //_ 9;
I wish my phone had more minutes or even unlimited so we could talk more without worrying about it running out. //_ v;

Yay, Mattie and Alfie~

Yes Chero, I know I don't have to advertise for OtakuOni...but I choose to because I want to~