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Well then, this is still a thing...

I have alot of nicknames and for some reason only a few of them are female nicknames... //_>;;
The ones in bold are the ones I've been called the most often.

~Mei(by most of my friends)
~Plum-chan(KiKaiya came up with this one)
~Itachi(compliments of Sasukelover001)
~The Ultimate Evil
~Kouichi-sama(psst hey, case ya didn't know or couldn't tell...I'm a chick, I'm just a tomboy)
~That psycho vampire chick
~Ringu(from my habit of just appearing without warning)
~CAPSKeyblade Master(from SojiRem lolz)
~That evil voice in your head
~Plushie Ninja Assassian
~Shadow on the Moon at night(thank you TNBC)
~Master Mei(thank you Kikaiya and Korukai XD)
~Creepy Doll
~March Hare
~That random person you see running around yelling random stuff(I might pass this one on to Alex)
~The bat amoung the birds
~Girl Riku
~Evil Plushie Clause(gee...thanks alot Chero lol)
~Spazztic Killjoy
~Morpheus(I blame friends in class)
~Izanami(from a story/fic)
~Fallen Angel Master of Black(kinda self-given)
~Rockstar(from class)
~China(one of many Hetalia nicknames I acquired)
~River Song/TARDIS
~Witch of Void of the Land of Death and Prisms(consorts being warlike rainbow tigers who like art)
~The Invisible Piano
~The Wardrobe

Hello hello

It's been awhile, hasn't it? I remember this place, and I still love it with all my twisted heart. I miss it often... It's been...oh, about three years since I posted anything here. I mean, I've checked in now and again, but nev...

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This title...is a keyblade

I'm still tired and I have to go to work soon, don't mind me...

I'm remembering back when keyblades were(or seemed to be) a really special thing that only some certain people could wield. Compared to now where it's seeming less special and more like...a normal thing. You know what I mean?
Plus, look at all the keyblades in the Keyblade Graveyard. All of those were once wielded in the Keyblade War.
It makes Keyblade Masters seem like an endangered species that is just now starting to come back.

Opera showed up and just threw keyblades at everyone. 'YOU GET A KEYBLADE! (o wo)/)

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Because titles are required...

I'm alive, let's celebrate by eating something dead.

Prompto Argentum, making my heart hurt in every way possible in the best way ever since I first looked at his cute chocodork face.

*flies through time and space*

If it wasn't for all the nice comments you guys left on them, I'd just go and delete all the posts where I was ranting or the like. Anyway... *throws flowers everywhere* Erblicken, blumen... ...

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Late tag from...whenever...

I just happened to find it while reading some of Soji's old posts. ○● B R I T I S H ○● [X] You drink a lot of tea. (All sorts of tea) [X] Foggy weather is great. [ ] Deal or No Deal has taken over your life....

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