*edit* Since I am having problems uploading this story and not receiving any help when I ask for it I will put two links here so that whom ever is reading this can continue the story. The first link is to FanFiction, I currently only have 8 chapters plus the prologue of part one typed. So if you go here you can read all of the content I have posted. The second link is to deviantArt and is a much easier post to read since all of the chapters are not on the same link. All you have to do is find the chapter than you want to read and click on it. Note: Hearts In Ice is there too to watch what you click. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Link I: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8326274/1/Kingdom_Of_Dreams_Pt_1A
Link II: http://rochixxx.deviantart.com/gallery/35318657

~~~This is an original story of mine and it would be a dream come true to see it published, however I don't think it's interesting/good enough to get published. There's not much more I can tell you other than it's about five friends that get transported to a different land.

After the first half of part one I'll put in some extra information, just bits and pieces that will help you remember some of the info in the story. And now enjoy

Kingdom Of Dreams Pt. 1-B

Chapter 5: Miyo’s eyes flew open and she sat straight up in the bed, her heart racing. Her eyes had to adjust to the dim light of the single candle in the room as she struggled to take everything in. She wiped the swe...

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Kingdom Of Dreams Pt. 1-A

Prologue: The Tale Of The Brother Of Light And The Brother Of Darkness A long time ago there were two brothers, one of light and one of darkness. All loved the brother of light as he used his strength and magic to help th...

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