Name: Kimiko Yuri (current alias, has also been known as Nanase Akagi and Sachiko Okane)
Rank: ANBU
Age: 20
Height: 5'3" / 163 cm (5'6" / 170 cm in heels)
Weight: In your dreams
Strengths: Chakra control, sensor type, espionage, camouflage, lightning release affinity, water release, femininely wiles, seduction, maternal sense is strong
Weaknesses: Alcohol, gambling, sex, younger men, virgins, injured souls, tends to get side tracked on missions, Keisuke (he's an idiot), Mamoru (he's an idiot too), Satomi (same as the previous two), Sasuke
Bio: Raised in an orphanage, Kimiko was pampered for espionage from a young age. Graduating from the Academy at five, reaching chunin at eight, and achieving ANBU status almost immediately after, she hasn't had time to take a breath. At first glance she's flirty, provacative, sassy, and unbearable. But after time people realise that she's more caring and gentle, that she loves of her newborn son Takumi with all her heart, and that she can't help but get involved with the troubles around her. Especially that of Keisuke Sarutobi and Mamoru Yukinojo, two boys she considers to be her adopted children. As well as complete and utter idiots. Lately she's been contemplating the idea of settling down so her son can have a better life, and so she can be with him more often.
Unique Features: Tattoo on the top of her foot, wears Talos's necklace
Alignment: Good

Warning: Can be insanely cute without realising it

Theme Song
5 Children - Kimiko's Teammates

5 Children

Name: Akihiko Isobe - The Leader/Serious One
Rank: ANBU Captain in Special Ops
Birthday: August 1st
Age: 16
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Bio: Selected from a group of orphaned children along with four others to be trained rigorously and to become ANBU at a very young age. Was specifically selected for Special Ops when he was nine, became a Captain at 13, began dating Nanase Akagi (Kimiko Yūri) around 14, died when they were both sixteen.
Cause of Death: Murder

Name: Yoko Ringaku - The Level Head/Calm One
Rank: ANBU in Root (formerly) and the Undercover Unit (currently)
Birthday: November 28th
Age: 20
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 100 lbs
Bio: Selected from a group of orphaned children along with four others to be trained rigorously and to become ANBU at a very young age. Singled out by Danzō Shimura very early, never entered the Academy but reach ANBU when she was seven. Joined the Undercover Unit once Danzō's death was announced. Was involved with a yakuza and a jealous lover, one tried to poison and kill her she remains in long-term care at the Konoha Hospital in a comatose state.

Name: Eiko Miyamoto - The Fighter/Quirky One
Rank: ANBU in the Torture/Interrogation Unit
Birthday: February 10th
Age: 15
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 85 lbs
Bio: Selected from a group of orphaned children along with four others to be trained rigorously and to become ANBU at a very young age. Became an ANBU at eight and was taken in by Ibiki Morino at the torture unit. Lived a very zany and crazy life until she died on mission when she and the other orphans were only 15.
Cause of Death: Succumbed to injuries on the job

Name: Sachiko Okane (Nanase Akagi, Kimiko Yūri) - The Caretaker/Cute One
Rank: ANBU in the Undercover Unit
Birthday: February 14th
Age: 20
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 95 lbs
Bio: Selected from a group of orphaned children along with four others to be trained rigorously and to become ANBU at a very young age. By the time she entered the Academy a notorious ANBU Captain already had his sights set on her. Joined the Undercover Unit when she was eight. Began dating her close friend Akihiko Isobe when she was 14. Had a child when she was 19. Started dating Sasuke Uchiha at 20. She is the only one left of the five original orphans that is still alive/on active duty.

Name: Kazuhiko Endo - The Peacekeeper/Pretty One
Rank: ANBU in the Undercover Unit & Espionage Unit (both concurrently)
Birthday: March 21st
Age: 16
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125 lbs
Bio: Selected from a group of orphaned children along with four others to be trained rigorously and to become ANBU at a very young age. The most talented of the 5-Ko, Kazuhiko purposefully held back in school and became an ANBU at nine under the watchful eye of Orochi Abe in the Undercover Unit. Simultaneously he operated in the Espionage Unit; the unit he was operating under when he was captured. Died when he and the orphans were 16.
Cause of Death: Killed himself when he realized he had been captured and there was no escape

Note: Kimiko wore a wig when she was Sachiko and Eiko dyed her hair a lot, she's originally a brunette. The picture is them in order, the first being Akihiko and the last being Kazuhiko.


Mission: Retrieve the Contract and assassinate the target


As I sped off to retrieve the contract, I wondered why it wasn't given to me while I was in the village to save me a lot of wasted time travelling into the Land of Earth. But as I looked at the parchment attached to the hawk's leg, I realised why. My assignment was to assassinate a corrupt official of the Leaf Village while he was off vacationing in the hot springs of the Hidden Stone. I was often tasked with doing the village's dirty work and I didn't mind. I'd been doing it long enough anyway.

So as to cleaning up the village's mess, I got right to work. For a whole day I shadowed him while keeping a watchful eye on the ANBU guarding him. If a corrupt official had an ANBU captain in his pocket then everyone under him was in their pocket as well. In truth, the ANBU were as dysfunctional as anything else. Perhaps even more so. And just as corrupt as any money hungry official. It didn't matter that I was their sister in arms, those men would cut me down without hesitation.

On a regular basis the target dismissed his guards briefly to partake in some rather rough sex with unsuspecting prostitutes. I kept track of who was his favourite and took her place. Transformed into her likeness, knocked her out briefly, and waited for her to be summoned. Men were such simple creatures. He wouldn't even notice the difference.

And it's true, he didn't. While I danced for him the hem of his kimono began forming a tent. Quite a low tent too. He was thoroughly distracted and he wouldn't notice if the rough petting suddenly turned into a lethal situation. For him.

When he finally decided that dancing wasn't enough for him and he put his hand on my thigh. Despite how gross it felt on my skin that actually put his goods right within reach. With a coy smirk I dug my heel into his jewels and kicked him onto his back with my other foot. He was wincing and crying a bit and looking utterly confused all at the same time since I hadn't let up on my heel. Oh how it pleased me.

I dissipated the illusion and pulled out my blade from- somewhere you don't need to hear. Knowing his life was in imminent danger he started to beg for his life. Offering me money, power, whatever he thought would sway my decision. But it was hopeless. The Succubus of the Leaf would take out yet another target. And this one surely deserved it. Using his power as an excuse to mistreat women and belittle the people who work for him. I saw him scream at the geisha's who danced for him several times in my surveillance for being sluts. He was a shitty man and his life would soon come to a bloody end.

Slicing his throat ear to ear, I waited until he stopped choking on his own blood to lean down and take off my mask. I knew this man. I'd serviced him once upon a time. Several times. But then I was known as Nanase. His eyes reflected the recognition and before he passed I leaned down and while kissing his cheek, leaving a blood red kiss mark, I sucked out every drop of his chakra. Leaving him a shriveled corpse in a pool of his own blood. The calling card of the Succubus. Putting my mask back in place I quickly vanished from the scene. Giving the girl who I had masqueraded as the entire amount of the man's coin purse and instructing her to get the hell out of there. He was technically last seen with her though I doubt the village would pursue her. They'd just sweep his murder under the rug and release the news when it was most convenient for them.

But with that my mission was finished and I headed back to the village.

Mission Accomplished

This is my mission from a couple weeks ago. Just finished the post. A little crude but I wanted to do something.

Kimiko's Mask


Of all the holidays, this was one most girls adored. The promise of romance, passion, love, and hoards of chocolate. And since Kimiko believed that the more that you had of such things, the better you were, it wouldn't be too absurd to guess that she'd be having the time of her life on Valentine's Day.

Only, she didn't.

Not only was it the day of love, it was also the anniversary of her birth and her mother's death. This was the day she was found inside her mother's womb. She disliked it. She just wanted to be alone on such a day. But today was the day that she received more invitations to hotel rooms than any other. And each year she rejected every advance that came her way without fail. There was no need for her to have a lover on such a melancholy day. Or anyone, for that matter.

So after waking up and trying to recall the events of her drunken escapade the night before and getting someone to cover her shift, she decided to stroll around the village for a bit before partaking in her usual "Valentine's Day Binge Drinking" ceremony. It was still early in the day and she hadn't completely recovered from her drunkenness of the previous night. It was best to wait.

That left her exposed to every nauseating and overly irritating public display of affection in the vicinity. Still, she put on her usual cheery appearance and marched on. And as she walked through the droves of couples she wondered if she'd ever have anything like that. If a guy would ever just dote on her for no reason at all. Since the men she'd been with were only after her for her prowess beneath the sheets, she was highly doubtful.

Though she did recall a nice stranger had carried her home and didn't end up taking advantage of her in her inebriated state, as they had done so often before. That gave her the slightest bit of hope that good guys did exist. So the smile on her face wasn't completely fake in the end.


No response needed~
Just wanted to do a little angsty thing because I never do.
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Buried too Deep - Kimiko

Previous Response - Buried too Deep - Keisuke

When Kimiko heard that Keisuke had showed himself she wanted to storm into his apartment and slap him. But she knew that he probably already got an earful from Mamoru so she decided to give the idiot a few days to get situated. He'd definitely lash out at her if she didn't give him some time. So three days after Keisuke came out of hiding she strolled down towards his apartment with Takumi in her arms.

As she got within proximity she noticed the distinct sound of banging. She covered one of Takumi's ears with her hand and held the other against her chest as she approached. The banging sound was a result of Keisuke Sarutobi hammering.

"Keisuke!" Kimiko tried to yell loud enough for him to hear.

"Oh I wouldn't even try, deary." An old woman yelled from across the street.

"Stop bothering her, Sumi." Another chastised the first. "She doesn't want to listen to you shrieking like a crow."

"Cram it, Yuki!" The assumed Sumi growled before looking back at Kimiko with a smile. "Don't listen to her, come over here and talk with us old ladies for a second and... admire the view."

The view they were talking about was a sweaty Keisuke working shirtless on his damaged apartment. Both Sumi and Yuki inhaled and sighed simultaneously. They sounded like high school girls more than anything else. But Keisuke was something grand to look at. No one could deny that.

"Oh, is that Keisuke's boy?" Sumi said suddenly, looking at Takumi bundled up in Kimiko's arms.

Kimiko's eyes widened. "Wha-"

"Oh don't bother denying it deary. We saw you around here ten months ago." Yuki piped in.

"Doesn't take a genius to piece it all together." Sumi finished, reaching in to lightly hold Takumi's cheek between her fingers. "Ten months ago you spend the night and nine months later this handsome man's brought into the world!"

"Got big blue eyes like his daddy too." Yuki cooed as she played with Takumi's feet.

Kimiko wasn't really sure what was going on. But she noticed that Keisuke stopped hammering so she decided to rush out of there while she could. "Keisuke!" She called.

Wondering who was yelling for him, Keisuke turned and took his headphones out of his ears. "Oh. Yo, Kimiko."

"Hey, meathead." She joked, climbing up the stairs to stand next to him. "Isn't it a little cold to be standing around shirtless?"

He shrugged and pulled out a cigarette from behind his ear. "Eh. I'm not really bothered by it."

Kimiko's eyes rolled of their own accord. "Yeah, I know. You're one big tough guy."

"I try." He chuckled while lifting up a pretty large piece of wood.

For a while they remained silent as Keisuke worked around the outside of his apartment patching up the many holes that riddled it. Kimiko just sat on the banister and bounced Takumi, waiting for the right opportunity to bring up... anything.

"If you're going to ask, ask." Keisuke suddenly said, not even looking at her.

Kimiko sighed. "I take it you and Mamoru haven't patched things up."

He shrugged. "There isn't anything to patch up. He wants me to stop pushing people away. But that's not going to happen. So he keeps trying and annoying me." Then he made a noise of indecision. "Though he's been leaving bean buns in my apartment when I go out. I haven't needed to put anything on anyone's tab ever since I've been back."

Kimiko couldn't help but laugh. "You could try paying for your own food."

"Oh I do." Keisuke yawned and pulled on a long sleeve shirt he had in a pile at his feet. "Just not things I snack on."

She sat there watching Keisuke cover up his glorious abs and putting on his flak jacket. "You headed somewhere?"

"I need to get some flowers for my mom and a friend." He said, tugging on his sleeves. "I'll... see you later." He finished, his eyes lingering on Takumi before rushing down the steps and out of sight through the village.

Alone, Kimiko sighed. Deciding she'd go talk to Sumi and Yuki and convince them to keep a closer eye on Keisuke than usual. But she wasn't quite sure that was possible.


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