Maura's Relationship Map

Nyarth- They've met like once or twice

Lux- Has met doesn't know him well

Xio- Has met, is starting to get annoyed of him or more like annoyed of hearing about him (Its because whenever Kiki talks to Maura its usually about Xio XD )

Krory- Knows her and regards her as the leader.

Shupple- Doesn't know her well

Tanner- Has fought in a friendly sparing match once and would like to do it again sometime

Estelle- Doesn't know her well

Delin- Has met before knows He's dating Damaris

Haxlia- Her training coach. Has respect for her as a fighter and teacher

Kiki- Childhood friend. Is sometimes (mostly) annoyed by her cheerful and outgoing presence. When they talk Kiki is always talking about boys, fashion, romance and it doesn't interest Maura at all so she tries to ignore her or avoids

Patrick- Has met, knows that he's dating Maria

Zane- Hasn't met

Raimundo- Has met (I think...)

Damaris- Has met a few times. Finds her okay

Sneari- Training buddy. Thinks she's alright.

Maria- Training buddy. Was annoyed by her bubbly personality like Kiki but now is used to her.

Mist- Has met and thinks she's cool

Chandacy- Has met once? Would like to fight in a friendly sparing battle

Kiiro- Hasn't met?

Ewan Hasn't met

Hideki- Hasn't met

Ross- Hasn't met

Lupe- They've met before. Finds her load personality annoying at first. Knows she's strong and would like to fight her in Battle


Yeah I need to get her to socialize more other than fighting XD