Kiki's Relationship Map

Starting by how the OCs are listed in PGR's intro

Nyarth- I've met him a few times. He's a cutie :3

Lux- Has met him a few times

Xio- Boyfriend XD

Krory- Has met a few times doesn't know her well.

Shupple- Training buddy

Tanner- Has met before but doesn't know much about him

Estelle- Has met

Delin- I think they've met once

Haxlia- Was worried Haxlia's relationship with Xio. But she doesn't know that they slept together

Maura- Knows her since childhood they're friends sort of but Kiki doesn't her very well.

Patrick- Have they met yet?

Zane- Hasn't met

Raimundo- Training buddy. Kiki likes him because he's cute XD

Damaris- Knows her a bit

Sneari- Hasn't met

Maria- They've met a few times I think?

Mist- I think they met....

Chandacy- Training buddy!

Kiiro- Kiki knows Rai likes Kiiro but those two haven't mingle

Ewan- Hasn't met

Hideki- Hasn't met

Ross- hasn't met

Lupe- Knew her after she first came to live at the mansion.


Uh...she hasn't get to know a lot of them.