How to RP Maura Guide

Maura is a tomboy. Likes sports (wrestling and mix marshal arts) video games, and load music (rock, heavy metal, rab)

She hates girly things and mushy stuff.

Doesn't care about romances. She seems...asexual but who knows that might change in time XD

She's rather grumpy/stoic and doesn't smile much.

Though sometimes she'll smile, when she's full after eating a good meal and win she won like in a battle or a game.

Likes to train and exercise a lot. She follows a routine

She hates losing and when she lost at a game or battle she'll pester the opponent for a rematch and if she doesn't win after rematch(s) she'll be like "Fuck this" and stomp away act grumpy/sulky

Despite being a sore loser is responsible and hard working. She prefers to earn her way and doesn't feel comfortable about getting things for free.

At first she seems like she doesn't want to be bothered or evolved but living in the mansion changed that a little.

She used to being alone and wasn't a team player. But that has change and has gotten used to the company of others even the bubbly girly girls :D

She's a klepto, Jaws (The giant mouth growing on her head) would snatch random things though Maura isn't aware of it tell later. She's ashamed of it and has kept it a secret.

Doesn't care about her looks she'll keep up her hygiene but she doesn't do make up and doesn't brush her hair much.

She doesn't care about other people's looks either unless they stink or she thinks they look absurd and she won't hesitate pointing it out to them.

Like "Dude your flies open" or "You got toilet paper stuck to your shoe"
She'll be very blunt about stuff like that.

When she first met you she'll say stuff like "Yo" or "Whats up"

Since theres a lot of gentlemen types in PGR if they kiss her hand or something she won't blush or smile she'll make a funny blank stare and wipe her hand right away

She doesn't like drama and would normally stir clear from it unless she thinks someone could get hurt.


Might forgot some things but that's it for now XD