Maura's New Profile

Name: Maura Maki
Nicknames: non
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: May 13
Pokemon: Mawile
National #: 303
Title: Deceiver Pokemon
Nature: "Brave - Maura is a tough independent tomboy she likes a lot of food but her favorite is spicy food, the spicier the better though she's usually doesn't indulge in sweet food and she's not into 'girly things'. She's a hard worker and spends most of her time training. She's best at Attack and Defense however she doesn't excel in speed (maybe because Jaws limits her movements?) She has experience in fights and acquire street smarts during her travels. She's rather blunt and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She's not into romances and would be fine just being friends just don't push her buttons."
Held Items: none
Ability: Hyper Cut, Intimidate
Attacks: Fake Tears, Bite, Vicegrip, Crunch, Iron Defense, Sucker Punch, Spit Up, Iron Head, Strength, Super Fang
Weak Against: Poison
Height: 5'1 (with Jaws 5'4")
Weight: 105 pounds (Jaws is about half her weight so 145 at least?)
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Red
Skin Tone: Beige
Build: Muscular/athletic
Markings/Scars: some on her arms and torso from fighting but not to noticeable
Tattoos: none
Piercings: none
Appearance: :link: Maura has an oval shaped face with almond shaped eyes and a small nose. As a Mawile she has a Jaw like appendages attach to her head like a giant pony tail. Usually has a frowny face.
Full Outfit: LINK
Personality: Maura is a tough independent tomboy. Kinda of a loner but isn't used to hanging out with people and getting close to others but once she gets comfortable she likes to have fun and rough house. On bad days she ill tempered on good days she's laid back. She has a strong sense of pride and doesn't want to envolve herself in people's dramas unless she feels like she has to. She likes to fight and challenges and will tease and mock her opponent to show their true strength. When she's mad or irritated she doesn't hesitate to snap at people with "Jaws" Her way of affection is punching someone in the arm or slapping them on the back. She's not a hugger and feels awkward about recieving affection and would tense up if hugged. And she's not into romance. Shes' a hard worker and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. She can be blunt but is mostly polite although she does forget her manners.
Maura is kleptomaniac, she has an unconscious impulse to steal random objects and holding it in her JAW appendages or it could be Jaws has a mind of its own.
Orientation: Asexual
Rival: Anyone whos beaten her in battle, game, etc.
Family: deceased
Hometown: Mauville
Likes: Maura likes traveling, exploring, winning, playing games that test your strength and skill. She likes scary stories and scaring people for light hearted fun.
Dislikes: Being called a thief, bullies, lairs, girly stuff, drama, loosing, boredom.
Fears: Clowns, being accused as a thief
Strengths:She’s very strong despite her age and appearance. Maura has a lot of experience in battle, she thinks she can take on any fight but she knows when to step down although she hates admitting defeat or surrendering.
Weaknesses:Her biggest flaw is her anger, if one was to push her too far she’ll became reckless.
Favorite Food: She likes all kinds of food and likes to try new things. Spicy foods are her preferred favorite and doesn't have much of a sweet tooth but sometimes she would hanker for a cookie
Drink: Energy and fruit drinks but tries to stay away from alcohol because of personal issues.
Color: black, yellow, red
Tree: Japanese mable
Season: Autumn
Activity: Fighting, playing games if it interest her, training and testing her strenght
Background: Maura’s parents were criminals. They stole whatever they wanted; money, valuable items, jewels. They gambled, they cheat, they were even involved in a kidnapping for ransom but they never kill. Maura never stole anything in her life and her parents never force her to. At a young age she didn’t know what her parents were doing was wrong until she saw what a lot of damage it can cause. When they died, Maura lived with different relatives but they didn’t want her around because of her parents’ history so at the age of twelve Maura traveled around on her own. She met people who wanted to adopt her into their family but Maura declined.
On her travels she trained hard so she could take care of herself. There were times when it looked like she was in real trouble and she could get killed but she pulled through. Enough though she likes to be on her own she sometimes what’s a place to stay where people would accept her despite her history and her stealing things unconsciously.
After months of living at the mansion she has started to consider the other Gijinkas as friends.