Kiki's Room


~ 12 by 16
~ Wall colors; Pale green and white walls
~ Full size bed
~ Nightstand (with lamp and alarm clock)
~ Floor Mirror
~ Dresser (with a couple of stuff animals and a ballerina figurine)
~ Desk with vanity mirror hutch
~ Barre (about seven feet long)

~ Wall colors; Light turquoise and white
~ Slipper Clawfoot tub
~ Storage case for towels, body care, etc.

And walk in closet (Kiki demanded it xD) Mostly for dressers and shoes.

I imagine the furniture style to be this

EDIT: I just used a vanity/desk instead a separate desk and dresser to give more room and add the dancer barre
I added a pink crystal chandelier ^^ and the pictures on the wall are ballet images.
Some paintings of Edgar Degas and photographs