Maura's Profile

So I finally decided to add a new oc Maura the Mawile. She'll be introduce to the PGR story after Gaia and Rally leave.

Kiki: Say hi Maura! *waves*

Maura: *nods* Wassup dudes.


Pokemon: Mawile

National #: 303

Title: Deceiver Pokemon

Type of Pokemon: Steel

Held Item: None

Ability: Hyper Cutter, Intimidate

Attacks: Fake Tears, Bite, Vicegrip, Crunch, Iron Defense, Sucker Punch, Spit Up, Iron Head, Strength, Super Fang

Name: Maura

Nick Names: None

Gender: female

Age: 17

Birthday: May 13

Birthstone: Emerald

Sign: Taurus

Element: Earth

Height: 5’ 1” (when including the giant black jaws) 5’ 4”

Weight: 103 pounds

Chest: Small

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Short, short bangs, long strands that frame her face.

Eye Color: Dark red

Skin Tone: Beige sometimes tan

Build: Slender but strong

Markings/Scars: She has a couple of scars around her torso, arms and legs but their not that notable.

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Looks: She looks cute but sometimes mistaken for a boy because of the way she dress and acts, the giant black jaw growing from her back is actually horns, so its not like her second head with its own conscious, its over half of her height

Full Outfit: LINK

Persona: Maura is an independent rebellious tomboy. She’s ill tempered and cocky and has a strong sense of pride. She likes to get into fights but doesn’t want to get involved in people’s drama she feels that doesn’t concern her. She’s not interested in romantic relationships. She likes to tease and mock people when she tries to pick a fight or egg on her opponent. When she’s irritated or mad she doesn’t hesitated to ‘bite’ people with her steal horns. She has a way of showing affection by punching someone on the arm or kicking them. She’s not a hugger and doesn’t like being hugged or smothered with affection.
She can be nice and polite but rarely and mostly in a blunt manner. She’s actually likes to be helpful unless she feels like she’s being taken advantage of. She’s a hard worker and she likes to horseplay. She doesn’t like seeing someone getting bullied or gang up on so she’ll help out the person in trouble then go on her way. She doesn’t sugar coat things she tells it like it is and then laughs at the person’s shock or offended expressions. She’s really good in analyzing a person’s strength and weaknesses, when she sees something wrong with a person’s fighting style, what their weakness is, or what they lack in she’ll point it out. So she can be helpful in training people but she’s very tough and blunt.
She’s bothered by her extra jaws since they sometimes get in the way and accidently knocks something over. Her parents used the Jaw/Horns for stealing so it’s a reminder of her parents’ crimes. She’s ashamed of her parents’ being thieves and the trouble they caused. She’s afraid of people knowing about it and would reject her because of it. She has disorder that causes her to steal things without realizing it and she blames her parents for her problem.
She likes games and challenges but she hates losing so when she loose she keep pestering for another rematch or sulk.
I like to think her personality is similar to Toph from “Avatar: The Last Air Bender” or Hiyori from “Bleach” So she’s more like Toph except she knows right from wrong better than Toph and has better manners and hygiene care than Toph.

Orient: Straight

S/O: None

Rival: None at the moment

Siblings: None

Relationships: She met Kiki once years ago when Maura’s parents stop by at the town for a robbery heists however Kiki doesn’t know Maura was involved in the string of robberies at that time. She met a lot of people in her travels but doesn’t have any close friends.

Hometown: Mauville

Grade: Never went to school but if she were she’d be in 11th grade

Job: Took a couple of odd jobs here and there but it never lasted long but she likes jobs that involves heavy lifting.

Song Name: Believe me

Song Artist: Fort Minor
Likes: Maura likes traveling, exploring, winning, playing games that test your strength and skill. She likes scary stories and scaring people for light hearted fun.
Dislikes: Being called a thief, bullies, being misjudge, being called weak or girly. Loosing and boredom
Fears: She doesn’t want to admit it but she’s a tad afraid of clowns
Strengths: Fire, Fighting, Ground types. She’s very strong despite her age and appearance. Maura has a lot of experience in battle, she thinks she can take on any fight but she knows when to step down although she hates admitting defeat or surrendering.
Weaknesses: Poison, Her biggest flaw is her anger, if one was to push her too far she’ll became reckless.
Food: She likes all kinds of food. She’s not a picky eater and she likes trying new dishes.
Drink: She also likes different kinds of drink but shies away from alcoholic beverages.
Color: Red ,black and gold.
Flower: Doesn’t care about flowers too girly for her.
Tree: Japanese Mable
Season: Autumn
Activity: Fighting, or playing games if it interests her, training and testing her strength.
Background: Maura’s parents were criminals. They stole whatever they wanted; money, valuable items, jewels. They gambled, they cheat, they were even involved in a kidnapping for ransom but they never kill. Maura never stole anything in her life and her parents never force her to. At a young age she didn’t know what her parents were doing was wrong until she saw what a lot of damage it can cause. When they died, Maura lived with different relatives but they didn’t want her around because of her parents’ history so at the age of twelve Maura traveled around on her own. She met people who wanted to adopt her into their family but Maura declined.
On her travels she trained hard so she could take care of herself. There were times when it looked like she was in real trouble and she could get killed but she pulled through. Enough though she likes to be on her own she sometimes what’s a place to stay where people would accept her despite her history and her stealing things unconsciously.

I hope she's not too much like Toph >_>' As for the unconsciously stealing things I don't know what its called but I heard of it before. Poor girl feels like she's turning into her parents whether she likes it or not....

I'll change this world so these girls will have to share