Kiki's Profile [New]

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National #: 281
Title: The Emotional Pokemon
Type of Pokemon: Psychic
Held Item: golden pocket watch with a green leaf symbol that places music
Ability: Synchronize, Trace
Attacks:Lucky chant, Fake Tears, Future Sight, Physic, Teleport, Charm, Attract, Flash
Weak Against: bugs, ghosts, dark
Name: Kiki
Nick Names:
Gender: female
Age: 18
Birthday: September 28
Birthstone: Sapphire
Sign: Libra
Element: Grass or in Zodiac terms Air
Height: 5 feet and 2 inches
Weight: 110 pounds
Chest: ...almost flat
Hair Color: light green
Hair Length: long
Eye Color: red
Skin Tone: pale
Build: lean, muscular; ballet dancer build?
Markings/Scars: none
Tattoos: none
Looks: cute, small, petite
Full Outfit: LINK

Persona:She's straightforward, and persistent. She falls in love very easily and her crushes changes almost every week. When she's happy she dances and sometimes sing. She loves to be the center of attention and is a bit of a drama queen. She can be snobby and egotist but she's really a sweet and friendly girl. When she gets to know someone even for a few days she's able to pick up on their emotions easily.
She can be jealous about and can be a bit when she's scorned.

Orient: straight

S/O: She can be a big flirt She really liked Xio but after he broke her heart she hates him for hurting her.

Rival: my sister Gaia and Rita the Chicorita

Siblings: her older sister Gaia and her little brother Rally

Relationships: She met Maura years ago and considers her a friend after Maura saved her from bullies.
She has mixed feelings for Xio she hates him for hurting her but still attracted to him.

Hometown: Alamos Town

Grade: home schooled but in normal circumstances she would be a college freshman

Job: N/A

Song Name: Beat of my Heart

Song Artist: Hilary Duff


Likes: dancing, singing, attention, fashion, music, praise and good looking boys

Dislikes: the dark, doing boring work, being made fun of, bad criticisms, and stalkers

Fears: not being able to evolve into a Gardevoir the dark

Strengths: fighting, psychic, grass

Weaknesses:bugs, ghost, dark


Food: Peche Berries, and apples
Drink: pink lemonade
Color: pink, light green and white
Flower: Gracidia Flowers, and sweetbrier
Tree: Dogwood
Season: Spring
Activity: dancing and shopping


Background:She was raised in Alamos Town where her older sister Gaia the Gardevoir pokemon runs a small and successful dance school where she teaches ballet and ball room dancing. Kiki grew up dancing and listening to the songs played from the clock tower. She looks up to her sister but feels like she's living in her shadow. So she trains hard in order to evolve into a Gardevoir but this causes her to ignore her little brother Rally the Raltz pokemon. When Raltz was kidnapped by hunters she blamed herself. So she went to the town's gang and struck a deal with their boss to rescue her brother and in exchange she would marry the boss's son. Afterwords when Rally was rescued and safely returned home Kiki ran away because she felt it was her fault that her brother got kidnapped and she didn't want to marry the gang leader's son. So she's traveling around and trying to find a way to redeem herself.

Kiki's sister Gaia defeated Honcho and took over his gang in order to protect Kiki. However Murphy captured Kiki and her family. Xio manically killed Murphy and his gang and Kiki witness it all. Xio left Kiki alone and revealed to her that he only used her as a toy.

Kiki was heart broken but her pain turned into hate and anger. She went into special training over a short period of time. She returned to the mansion aiming to get back at Xio or seek closure.