This is World is for my PGR ocs Kiki the Kirlia and Maura the Mawile

I'm a member of the Role Playing World called Poke Gijinka Revolution (PGR)

So meet my darling Gijinka!



Fanart of Kiki and Maura made by friends:

Chibi Kiki by Eneko
Kiki Kiki part of a Triangle by Krokun
Kiki by vdr-07
Kiki by Kitty K.O.
Kiki Kiki;Christmas Present #1 Maura; Christmas Present #2 Kiki and Xio; Christmas Present #3 by Naomi Bear
Kiki cosplay as Loli Maid by totoyami kun

Rough drafted done

I finished writing the rough drafted of Kiki's epic post. It took me longer than I wanted and now I have to type, then edit stuff before I can upload it to PGR. It came out long and I make make it shorter (or longer...)
I stayed up past my bed time because I got into a writing kick.
While I finish Kiki's epic post I want to draw Judas. I love her design
Ack I should get back to my PGR OC's face study @[email protected]; but I after I finish Kiki's post

The news from the new Pokemon XY

So I heard some news around the net about the new pokemon game and they have something to do with both Kiki and Maura

So the Gardevoir is a Fairy Type Pokemon. Fairy type I love it and it wasn't just the name that sparked my interest. ( FYI I always loved things that hand something to do with fairies) And the Fairy Type are the opposite of the Dragon type right? I thought it was ice types or at least thats what I got from watching Pokemon Best Wishes/ Black and White.

I've been wanting Kiki to evolve sometime in the future...don't know when exactly >.>;

And the Mawile will get a new evolution! Awesome! I have no idea what it is but I am excited about this!

Now I'm thinking I want them both evolved in the future hehehe

I really want this game...but I don't have the new Nintendo :(

Anyway working on Maura's post right now. I'm still trying to fight of this writers block @[email protected]

Kiki's Battle Outfit

Got this idea from Naomi Bear

I tried to go for a military inspired outfit but idk looks Asian to me?

As for the foot ware I thought boots would be practically

And OMG Kiki wearing BLACK???!! *faints*

(Black outfit as a maybe because I thought it would be...practically since she'll be fighting and most likely getting dirty)

EDIT: Okay the black one is appealing to me now. Now I'm torn >.<

EDIT: UGH! I just noticed that her skin tone looks ugly! How did that happened?!

Kiki's Relationship Map

Starting by how the OCs are listed in PGR's intro Nyarth- I've met him a few times. He's a cutie :3 Lux- Has met him a few times Xio- Boyfriend XD Krory- Has met a few times doesn't know her well. Shupple- Traini...

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How to RP Kiki Guide

I should have done this ages ago sorry it took so long >_<;;; Kiki is cheerful and outgoing. When she's really happy she likes to twirl (since she's a Kirlia and they tend to twirl when they're happy). She doesn't like to be ignored a...

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