This is World is for my PGR ocs Kiki the Kirlia and Maura the Mawile

I'm a member of the Role Playing World called Poke Gijinka Revolution (PGR)

So meet my darling Gijinka!



Fanart of Kiki and Maura made by friends:

Chibi Kiki by Eneko
Kiki Kiki part of a Triangle by Krokun
Kiki by vdr-07
Kiki by Kitty K.O.
Kiki Kiki;Christmas Present #1 Maura; Christmas Present #2 Kiki and Xio; Christmas Present #3 by Naomi Bear
Kiki cosplay as Loli Maid by totoyami kun

Maura's Relationship Map

Nyarth- They've met like once or twice Lux- Has met doesn't know him well Xio- Has met, is starting to get annoyed of him or more like annoyed of hearing about him (Its because whenever Kiki talks to Maura its usually about Xio XD )...

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Kiki's Relationship Map

Starting by how the OCs are listed in PGR's intro Nyarth- I've met him a few times. He's a cutie :3 Lux- Has met him a few times Xio- Boyfriend XD Krory- Has met a few times doesn't know her well. Shupple- Traini...

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How to RP Maura Guide

Maura is a tomboy. Likes sports (wrestling and mix marshal arts) video games, and load music (rock, heavy metal, rab) She hates girly things and mushy stuff. Doesn't care about romances. She seems...asexual but who knows that might c...

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Porcia The Grumpig Gijinka (rough sketch)

So this is rough sketch of Porcia. She was the one who trained Kiki and Gaia.
They call her a "Witch" either because she's such a strong and talented Psychic that its almost magic or...she can be a real 'witch' bitch XD
When I first though of what kind of Gijinka I first look at the list of Psychic Type pokemon and the Grumpig appealed to me.
When designing Gijinkas I like to design their body types according to the Pokemon's physique. Like if a pokemon is thin I draw the Gijinka thin, if the pokemon is muscular I draw the Gijinka muscular.
So I wanted to design an elegant, voluptuous and saucy woman.
And then I realized she looks like a cross over between Miss Piggy and Cruella DeVille 0___O
Well she's also a criminal she deals in black market and gambling business

How to RP Kiki Guide

I should have done this ages ago sorry it took so long >_<;;; Kiki is cheerful and outgoing. When she's really happy she likes to twirl (since she's a Kirlia and they tend to twirl when they're happy). She doesn't like to be ignored a...

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