This is World is for my PGR ocs Kiki the Kirlia and Maura the Mawile

I'm a member of the Role Playing World called Poke Gijinka Revolution (PGR)

So meet my darling Gijinka!



Fanart of Kiki and Maura made by friends:

Chibi Kiki by Eneko
Kiki Kiki part of a Triangle by Krokun
Kiki by vdr-07
Kiki by Kitty K.O.
Kiki Kiki;Christmas Present #1 Maura; Christmas Present #2 Kiki and Xio; Christmas Present #3 by Naomi Bear
Kiki cosplay as Loli Maid by totoyami kun

Maura's post done

Maura's post is done but I'll post it tomorrow. There's still spell check and grammar (grammar isn't my best sorry)
And then I'll work on Kiki's tomorrow right now I need to go to bed. Very sleepy

Q and A

I made a question and answer blog on tumblr for Kiki, Maura and my other Gijinka's OCs because it seems like a thing now

So if anyone has questions you can comment here or on tumblr
I've been wanting to do something like this so I can have an excuse to draw :D

I am still working on Kiki's post I'm like almost half way through

The news from the new Pokemon XY

So I heard some news around the net about the new pokemon game and they have something to do with both Kiki and Maura

So the Gardevoir is a Fairy Type Pokemon. Fairy type I love it and it wasn't just the name that sparked my interest. ( FYI I always loved things that hand something to do with fairies) And the Fairy Type are the opposite of the Dragon type right? I thought it was ice types or at least thats what I got from watching Pokemon Best Wishes/ Black and White.

I've been wanting Kiki to evolve sometime in the future...don't know when exactly >.>;

And the Mawile will get a new evolution! Awesome! I have no idea what it is but I am excited about this!

Now I'm thinking I want them both evolved in the future hehehe

I really want this game...but I don't have the new Nintendo :(

Anyway working on Maura's post right now. I'm still trying to fight of this writers block @[email protected]

Maura's Battle outfit

Rough design My first design had most of her arms bared but I thought she should have some kind of armor She's got a mask and scarf to cover her mouth and nose. Even though Mawiles have a resistance to poison I thought it would be usef...

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Kiki's Battle Outfit

Got this idea from Naomi Bear

I tried to go for a military inspired outfit but idk looks Asian to me?

As for the foot ware I thought boots would be practically

And OMG Kiki wearing BLACK???!! *faints*

(Black outfit as a maybe because I thought it would be...practically since she'll be fighting and most likely getting dirty)

EDIT: Okay the black one is appealing to me now. Now I'm torn >.<

EDIT: UGH! I just noticed that her skin tone looks ugly! How did that happened?!