Naruto next generation characters vid.

This is a link to my vid of all my Naruto next generation character RPC's, & some info on them.
[If you were too lazy to read all these blogs & look at the pics.]
Hope you like it, I did all these on MS paint, & I'm putting my first episode of the series I'm making up very soon. :D


Team 3 meets their sensei!

Team 3 was composed of : The Lazy Shikaji Nara, the strong, hardworking kunoichi Sumato Hyuuga, & The manipulating Cho Akimichi. All's Shikaji did was sleep, & Sumato isn't one much for conversation, so not much talking was going on yet. They were just assigned their first team mission, when the hokage told them to go meet their new sensei. Alls they knew about their sensei was that he was a man, & very hard to miss...
They went to the training field with wood & hay dummies tossed everywhere, & waited for their new sensei's arrival. Not much excitement was shown.
They were sitting on some stumps, waiting, & Shikaji of course dozed off within 10 minutes. As he lay on the ground, a baby squirrel began to crawl on Shikaji. It didn't wake him up. Cho couldn't help but chuckle, & tapped Sumato's shoulder & pointed to the funny scene. Even Sumato giggled as the baby squirrel crawled over shikaji everywhere, but soon, the squirrel reached Shikaji's face. Just to be a prankster, Cho got a nearby Acorn & placed one up Shikaji's left nostril. The baby squirrel of course took the bate, & bit the heck out of Shikaji's nose with it's 2 inch long sharp teeth.
As Shikaji screamed, the girls laughed hystarically. This only angered Shikaji, so he got mad & picked up the squirrel by its tail, & presumed to throw it against a tree.
Just when he raised his arm back to throw it, a bandaged hand grabbed him by the wrist, took the squirrel, & gave him a swift backhand to the head. A knot came up & began to swell, & the team turned around to see a strangely dressed man in a green jumpsuit, shinobi vest, HUGE EYEBROWS, a bowl cut, & orange leg warmers.
It was no other than Rock Lee, the greatest Taijutsu master in all the land of fire. Everyone had heard of him & he was very famous, so the kids were stunned.
"I don't think I have to introduce myself, but I will anyways. My name is Rock Lee, & I will be the sensei of your team."

A screen shot of the new sensei.

Shikaji Nara.

Shikaji is the older brother of Shikaru, & son of Shikamaru & Temari Nara.
Shikamaru never pushed his kids to train hard, & always let them be lazy. [go figure.] Shikaru, [his sister] didn't want to live this way, & instead wanted to be like their mother. Strong, rough, independant. However, Shikaji... well he wanted to be more like his dad. Alls Shikaji ever does is sit around, sleep, & thats about it.. He's completely lazy, & the spitting image of his dad. He carries down the Nara families signature jutsu, the shadow manipulation jutsu. Though he hasn't quite mastered it yet. & like his dad, he's a full blown genius. During the academy, alls he did was sleep. He was even asleep at his graduation, where he was placed on team 3 as a genin with Cho Akimichi & Sumato Hyuuga.


RPC done on MS paint only. This was a screen shot.

Cho Akimichi.

Choji was a young boy that belonged to the chubby Akimichi clan. He was very fat, & all's he ever did was eat. Now usually, chubby, lazy boys like Choji don't get or have many girlfriends. But then again, rutheless, 2 faced little girls don't get many boyfriends. [No matter how pretty they are on the outside.] & That's how Ino Yamanaka & Choji Akimichi ended up together. & the story of how Cho Akimichi was born.
Cho Akimichi is a 2 faced, but cute to the eyes little girl. She got her fathers looks, [except for the fat]. but has Ino's eyes, & personality.
She tries to get along with everyone, but underneath it all she's nothing but mean. She has the biggest crush on Waruji, like most girls in the academy did. & stops at nothing to try to win him over.
She mastered her dad's expansion jutsu, & her mom's mind control jutsu. She was placed on team 3 as a genin with Sumato Hyuuga, & shikaji Nara.

RPC done on MS paint only. This picture was done off of a screen shot of Sakura.

Sumato Hyuuga.

Daughter of Neji & Tenten Hyuuga, Sumato was born an identical twin to Yoime Hyuuga. They were both trained hard by their father, but Sumato was "daddy's little girl" & treated a bit better than Yoime. This caused him to hate her, & even attempt to kill her many times. [There will be fanfics of the attempts up soon] Another reason Yoime hated his sister Sumato is because she was always beating him in everything. She was much stronger. While Yoime only learned ammature gentle fist & weapon mastery, Sumato got to learned the advanced gentle fist & weapon mastery. This caused her to be 10 X more powerful than Yoime. She's a very beautiful girl, but no boys chase after her because her cold attitude. There's only 3 things that are ever on Sumato's mind, those things are:
Staying alive.
& Beating her rival Rock Lei in everything she does.
[though she never quite succeeds, she still trys her hardest.]
She was placed on team 3 as a genin, with, Shikaji Nara [son of shikamaru & temari] & Cho Akimichi. [daughter of Choji & ino]

This RPC was done completely on MS paint, & traced off a screen shot of Tenten.