HI! Long time no see!
Not that it matters because I don't think those I'm subscribed to are that active here anymore.
It looks a little dead here. (No offense.)

Anyway, I've come back here after a loooooooooong time away to update to those who know me here for one character in specific.

My Kingdom Hearts OC: ROXINE
You might remember her, right?
This little bish right here.
External Image

She's "dead" now, guys.


I know. Shocking, but I have my reasons why.

I lot of people didn't really know what Roxine's role actually was.
She was actually...a Nobody.


YUP! She's a Nobody just like Roxas, Namine, Axel and the rest of Org.XIII, everybody!

So sorry to all whose OCs liked befriending Roxine, the truth is she is a Nobody and will eventually have to disappear back to her true other Somebody. (Is that the term? I don't keep up anymore with the series.)

The name of her Somebody is: Noire.

"Noire" is actually French for the color "black." So this can associate with Darkness.
This actually took a bit of time to also coordinate the lettering properly since we all know how Org.XIII follows the "X" pattern.

As for what Noire is like, what she does and what she looks like, I've yet to properly plan that out.

I pretty much stopped working on Noire and Roxine shortly after making the decision of entitling Roxine the Nobody and Noire her Somebody.

But who knows?
With the hype of the new KH game coming out and all, I might swing back into the mood of working on the two a bit more.

Roxine can still be around but she will not be as important as she used to be anymore.
She will be just as important as Roxas's level of importance, basically.
The main focus will now move over to Noire instead.

Yes and no. Looking back at those designs, they're okay, but I don't think I want to make her use all of them.
Especially when "Roxine Roulette" was built mainly for Roxine's use only.
Basically, Noire will not be able to use this Keyblade. She could use the other 3 instead, but I choose not to.
Which brings up the next topic.

Keyblades are obviously the key important weapon about the whole series, but it's only so finicky about choosing its wielder.
And I'm actually debating on scrapping out the idea of allowing Noire and Roxine to use the Keyblades.
Or maybe they could eventually have the potential, just not so early on. (Like Lea for example.)
I'm still working this out and thinking of what to do here so this is not exactly a final decision.


External Image

Zeke was initially also made as a Nobody to partner off with Roxine, but we're thinking about scrapping him off completely and remaking him into a new character.
Or he could stay a Nobody and we just have to make his Somebody.

All the same, we don't really have much planned for him as well.
Things are just a slow progress of trying to work out these characters since now it's basically 4 characters to think about.


And basically that's it.
Just wanted to let those who know and are fond of these characters about the truth behind them.
And to also give an update of what's to become of them while introducing new ones.

I do thank and appreciate all those that have supported Roxine and Zeke before these new changes came in.
They will still be around, but not of the spotlight anymore like before.
We hope you will kindly welcome Noire and Zeke's revamp in with open arms.

Until next time, everyone.
~Nadeshiko Masayume