Welcome to my WORLD! ^^ This is the first one I've made so please cut me some slack if I don't do so well with this. X.x"

So yes, this WORLD of mine is basically for my Kingdom Hearts fan manga, "Twlight Stars!"
Featuring some fellow OCs here on theotaku.com as well.

Okay, let me just say that my comic drawing skills aren't as great so I may screw up some things in there (such as limit panels...), but I'm still a bit of a beginner for those. Even those I recently have right now are pretty lame. >_>"

So, if you would like to read my fan manga, I would be very obliged.
I'll do my best to make it worth something.

Thank you!

And a piccy of Sora feeling happy to know you visit here for you. x3


HI! Long time no see!
Not that it matters because I don't think those I'm subscribed to are that active here anymore.
It looks a little dead here. (No offense.)

Anyway, I've come back here after a loooooooooong time away to update to those who know me here for one character in specific.

My Kingdom Hearts OC: ROXINE
You might remember her, right?
This little bish right here.
External Image

She's "dead" now, guys.


I know. Shocking, but I have my reasons why.

I lot of people didn't really know what Roxine's role actually was.
She was actually...a Nobody.


YUP! She's a Nobody just like Roxas, Namine, Axel and the rest of Org.XIII, everybody!

So sorry to all whose OCs liked befriending Roxine, the truth is she is a Nobody and will eventually have to disappear back to her true other Somebody. (Is that the term? I don't keep up anymore with the series.)

The name of her Somebody is: Noire.

"Noire" is actually French for the color "black." So this can associate with Darkness.
This actually took a bit of time to also coordinate the lettering properly since we all know how Org.XIII follows the "X" pattern.

As for what Noire is like, what she does and what she looks like, I've yet to properly plan that out.

I pretty much stopped working on Noire and Roxine shortly after making the decision of entitling Roxine the Nobody and Noire her Somebody.

But who knows?
With the hype of the new KH game coming out and all, I might swing back into the mood of working on the two a bit more.

Roxine can still be around but she will not be as important as she used to be anymore.
She will be just as important as Roxas's level of importance, basically.
The main focus will now move over to Noire instead.

Yes and no. Looking back at those designs, they're okay, but I don't think I want to make her use all of them.
Especially when "Roxine Roulette" was built mainly for Roxine's use only.
Basically, Noire will not be able to use this Keyblade. She could use the other 3 instead, but I choose not to.
Which brings up the next topic.

Keyblades are obviously the key important weapon about the whole series, but it's only so finicky about choosing its wielder.
And I'm actually debating on scrapping out the idea of allowing Noire and Roxine to use the Keyblades.
Or maybe they could eventually have the potential, just not so early on. (Like Lea for example.)
I'm still working this out and thinking of what to do here so this is not exactly a final decision.


External Image

Zeke was initially also made as a Nobody to partner off with Roxine, but we're thinking about scrapping him off completely and remaking him into a new character.
Or he could stay a Nobody and we just have to make his Somebody.

All the same, we don't really have much planned for him as well.
Things are just a slow progress of trying to work out these characters since now it's basically 4 characters to think about.


And basically that's it.
Just wanted to let those who know and are fond of these characters about the truth behind them.
And to also give an update of what's to become of them while introducing new ones.

I do thank and appreciate all those that have supported Roxine and Zeke before these new changes came in.
They will still be around, but not of the spotlight anymore like before.
We hope you will kindly welcome Noire and Zeke's revamp in with open arms.

Until next time, everyone.
~Nadeshiko Masayume

Oh Crud, REDO?!?!

I'm sorry that I haven't been updating anything you guys! D:
I've just been so busy.
But um...I have small announcements to the "Twilight Stars" fan manga.

I will say that I am planning on getting back to work on it, but problem is some characters in the story, their creators have somehow suddenly disappeared and are no longer on TheOtaku. ToT

So I'm going to have to cut them out.
And perhaps some others that may be too hard to me to handle since I may not know their profiles so well.

If you're any of the chosen ones, I deeply apologize. T_T
But please understand, it's hard being a senior in high school now.
I have to have my limits. @[email protected]

So yeah, the people that are no longer in it.

-Blackfeather27 is somehow no longer in TheOtaku so I'm unfortunately going to have to kick out her character, Kumiko. I'm sorry! T.T
-Hikarumi, I unfortunately don't really know much about your character Taiyou so I'm going to have to kick her out, too. I'm deeply sorry!! T_T
-midnightqueen's Takara Aika. I'm not too sure because I haven't checked recently, but I think midnight-chan's been kicked out of TheOtaku, too or something. I don't see her account around as much anymore. I'm sorry about this! T_T

Well, that's basically three kick outs...

But then again, I'm thinking about redoing the cover page, too.
It may come into a redo. The whole thing. (Except the first two pages in already.)

I'm sorry, I'm trying to sort everything out right now. Even my head is hurting from all this. @[email protected]

I deeply apologize for the inconvience!!! T.T

~Nadeshiko Masayume


WWHOA MY GOD! I haven't posted anything in so long!
I'm NOT DEAD everyone! I'm still here! XD
I've just been kinda busy to do anything much to post.
Plus, as a junior in the Spring Semester of high school, I've got a lot of things on my mind towards graduation right now. @[email protected]

Anyway, as to my fan manga "Twilight Stars" I'm sorry there hasn't been any new pages... -___-"
I've just been soooo busy.
I wonder if this is how ALL animanga artists feel like whenever they're in a rush to do such mangas.
RUMIKO TAKAHASHI, I ENVY YOU! You have like over 60 volumes of Inuyasha so I've heard! ToT And the anime series finished already!

Anyway, "Twilight Stars" is on major hold of page updates.
So perhaps while I don't have the pages set, you can however read it in a fanfiction style. ^^
I'm also willing to post up fanfics to the story as well, just to keep you guys in progress of what's supposed to happen.

Also there have such updates, I think I'm going to have to list the characters in the story again. XD
Once again, they are these people with additions of three more ^^"

~Roxine Hakumei (Smartanimegirl; otherwise me XD)
~Zeke Itsuya (Smartanimegirl; Ike-kun's otherwise)
-Dyne & Dyala Fujika (they're twins; belongs to Yuki-chan)
~Sayoko Hoshi (RSRKingdomStars)
~Sakurie Hayami(FireFoxSakurie)
~Faith Bannett (mewmewfaith)
~Elena Violetroad (sefaa3)
~Mint (Becca1525354)
~Noah Crularche (UnknownRumors)
~Criss Seijin (sonnyparadisewish)
~Roxy Hikari (sonnyparadisewish)
~Akari Yokimiitsu (StrawberriiTea)
~Ayumi Kohana (Hikari Mogami)
~Rei Uruhara (FUNimation)
~Taiyou Uneribbon (Hikarumi)
~Takara Aika (midnightqueen)
~Kumiko Akimoto (Blackfeather27)

OMGAH, so many people now. XD
But I think I'll manage.
I mean for my friend's "Burnin' the Bridge!", we've got the main thirteen as well as their enemies, which I believe are five more... Including a few other I'll have to deal with.
No matter I'm sure I'll do fine. ^^" (Hopefully)

Anyway, while there are no pages of update to "Twilight Stars", I'll be posting some fanfics of the story instead while they're in progress. ^^
Expect seeing them sometimes.

Zeke's Profile, Storylines, and Character Info

I should remind you guys that "Twilight Stars" is just my fan manga of KH OCs mixed together.
My actual fan manga for only Zeke and Roxine will be called "Whispering Voices."

Speaking of Zeke, Ike-kun and I have managed to update and work things out with his profile.

Name: Zeke Itsuya
Age: 16
Blood Rain
Nazuna Sutoraiku
Height: 5’9”
Symbol: Lightening bolt
Appearance: (Picture reference will be provided soon.) Tall for his age with dark raven blue hair while his hair bangs falling over his right eye to hide the lightening shaped scar on his eye. Eyes are a dark blue as well and fair skin. (Clothes description will be provided later in the picture)
Hidden Talent: A bit clairvoyant, but not as great
Crush: Roxine
Personality: Rather serious, he doesn’t exactly talk much. He shows that he cares for his friends when danger comes around the corner.
Background: Zeke is a childhood friend of Roxine. Unlike Roxine, who has her hidden talent of hearing the voices of whispers and emotions, Zeke is rather clairvoyant about what goes on around mostly he and his friends. Because of that, he and Roxine easily get along with each other and can practically talk with each other mentally. Lately, he’s been taking little notice that the more he gets along with Roxine, the more he grows to actually like her. As for the lightening scar on his eye, not much is exactly known as to why or how he got it in the first place. Further back before he met Roxine in his childhood, it was all a blur.

Now let me just say some things about the two different stories I have.

"Twilight Stars"
Okay, this fan manga is only just a crossover with other Kingdom Hearts OC characters from my friends.
Technically everyone is just gathered together as a huge group of friends living both on either Destiny Island or in Twilight Town.
(I kinda figured that at the Twilight Town beach, there'd be Destiny Island just across the sea. ;O)
So yeah, the usual fun happens as of the last few days of summer until the Heartless come in and invade on the island. All fearing for the worst to come of their island, all friends sneak out of their house that night and head off to the island.
Unfortunately for them, they fought the strange creatures, but nothing worked out well. That is until the Keyblade and the magic ability of enhanced spells and enchantments had come to their aid.
As it turned out, these Heartless creatures were no match of the Keyblade and their new abilities. Thinking that the attack was only for that night, the group take a rest the next night and apparently, the Heartless strike again.
It would seem that almost every night, the Heartless would try to come and invade on the island. And every night, they were given the ability of their newfound power provided of the Keyblade.
As for these Heartless, it would seem they keep coming was because they were looking for something.
Whatever that something was, the group of friends came to a decision of taking patrol nightly to stop the Heartless from coming to their island. Some even to their town.
So basically, everyone came up with the idea of the being the "Nightly Police" of the island and the town. ;O
There's also some comedy and side romances into this story, too. =P

"Whispering Voices"
Now this story is basically a story all to its own that focuses on my character Roxine and Ike-kun's character, Zeke.
Technically, we start with Roxine having moved to Twilight Town alone at the age of 15. First arriving, she meets Roxas (who was just running around the place with his friends) and befriends he and the others. However, she's been highly confused by her own ability as to how and why she can't hear a whispering voice from Roxas's heart.
Things take a small turn when Roxine's childhood friend Zeke suddenly moves into Twilight Town by himself as well. (Roxine found him when passing by the train station when out grocery shopping one day. XD) Fortunately, for these two, they share a small connection with their ability. (It allows them to communicate mentally. XD)
But things got worse when Organization XIII calls upon Roxas to return to the group, but surprisingly found Zeke and Roxine as well.
Strangely, the two were a small key to their group. Whatever the reason they refused and fled together away from the Organization. (It's obvious about what happens to Roxas. =P)
Zeke and Roxine have somehow eventually managed to escape off to another world, which is otherwise Radiant Garden. Finding a small home of residence, they stay in Radiant Garden for a while and kept under hiding from the Organization. Yet they both wonder as to why the Organization would want them to be a part of their group.
To that day, they decide to see if they could get some information on the Organization and see what they may actually be up to. And as to why they would want them in their group. Having found Leon and the others, they've been given little information about the Organization. The rest they just had to figure out themselves. That is until they met Sora and his group and have told them more. They were told to the fact that they were a group of Nobodys searching desperately for a way to control Kingdom Hearts. But it was pretty much all they knew so far. They also explained to them about the Heartless as well.
Thanking them for their assistance, Zeke and Roxine take off back to their home residence and discuss a few issues about their new incoming journey.

WHOA, I think I like "Whispering Voices" better than my crossover OCs fan manga. XD

Anyway, yeah. That's pretty much a small brief information about the two stories I'm planning to work on.

Okay...let me give you a small breif summary on Zeke and Roxine from both stories for any of you wanting to learn about them.

Roxine Hakumei

"Twilight Stars" - Roxine had just recently moved to Twilight Town not too long ago and was kindly introduced into the neighborhood by Noah and Rei. (OH HAY, IT'S UNKNOWN-CHAN AND FUN-CHAN. 8D) Of course, she was rather shy at first because of her ability of hearing the whispers of people's hearts and sense their emotions and feelings, but after having been discovered of her secret, she learned to open herself up to others and try not to fear the fact of hiding her ability no more. She really cares for her friends safety during the times of when they were to fight off the Heartless from invading the island. She has a high sense of justice and hope.
"Whispering Voices - Roxine moved into Twilight Town and met Roxas during her arrival. He kindly introduced her around his hometown and they've become good friends. Though Roxine's confused as to why her ability doesn't allow her to hear any whispers from his heart. She's struck with surprise after learning Zeke has come into town. So lately, they would often be seen talking with each other to catch up on what's been going on. Roxine is rather shy at times, but learns to be more confident with others and gets along well with others.

Zeke Itsuya

"Twilight Stars - Zeke is a childhood friend of Roxine's. He recently moved into Twilight Town a few weeks after Roxine, surprised to see her here. He can be rather bitter towards some people he doesn't trust and is almost very serious, but there's a hidden side of him that he's a caring and sensitive guy that rarely shows. (Except maybe to Roxine?) Many people ask about his lightning scar on his right eye and he explains he was in an accident with practicing lightning magic when he was younger. (Not really the true story actually. You'll see in "Whipsering Voices.")
"Whispering Voices - Zeke is a childhood friend of Roxine's and has recently moved into Twilight Town a few weeks after Roxine has. Having recognized each other, they practically spent more time together to know more about each other since the last time they've seen each other. He's a very serious guy, but then again he cares for his friends, but that side rarely shows. Though Roxine can easily tell by her abliilty he cares deeply for her. As to the lightning scar on Zeke's right eye (Roxine questioned about this several times), he says he doesn't quite exactly know for sure. He's thinking it was possibly an accident back when he was a lot younger, so he doesn't know really. Zeke has the strange ability of being clairvoyant with his surroundings and others around him...

Uh...what a boring info on the chars. I think I almost repeated some things. Ah, whatever. I'm kinda running out of ideas right now. I'm getting brain-dead over at this end. D:

Anyway....blah. Okay, I'm kinda out of ideas. My mind is proned to watching these funny Kingdom Hearts videos on YouTube that people did for cosplays.



There's a new character joining the story!

Anyway, due to how my boyfriend, Ike-kun, says he would also like to join (and has very little imagination to designing a character XD), I took the liberty to have suddenly doodle a little drawing during my 1st period class Monday and suddenly got some guy who seemed to be fit for a Kingdom Hearts OC.
I showed Ike-kun, he liked it, and so now...

His background profile is not exactly set yet, but Ike-kun and I are working on it.
Plus, we're bickering on whether he'd be related to Roxine in some way or is just a childhood friend that grows to like her and he'll get into small rivalry with Roxas.
Oh noes! Roxine's caught in a love triangle! HELP US CHOOSE PLEASE!!! XD

Here's the temporary profile for the character right now.
Everyone welcome Zeke. He's also an emo.

Name: Zeke (I need a last name for him! XD Ike-kun's looking!)
Age: 16
Blood Rain
Nazuna Sutoraiku (means "Lightning Strike" and is temporary for now)
Height: 5’9" (or 5'7"? Still deciding)
Symbol: Lightening bolt
Appearance: (Picture will be provided soon.) Tall for his age with dark raven blue hair while his hair bangs falling over his right eye to hide the lightening shaped scar on his eye. (Detail on this for later) Eyes are a dark blue as well and fair skin. (Clothes description later)
Hidden Talent: A bit clairvoyant, but not as great (Temporary for the time being. Undecided whether he has this or not)
Crush: (Undecided) Roxine/None, but is aware of the dangers Roxine gets involved in (HELP US PICK! XD)
Personality: Rather serious, he doesn’t exactly talk much. And he rarely often smiles. But he shows that he cares for his friends when danger comes around the corner.
Background: Zeke is Roxine’s cousin/a childhood friend of Roxine. Unlike Roxine, who has her hidden talent of hearing the voices of whispers and emotions, Zeke is rather clairvoyant about what goes on around mostly he and his friends. Because of that, he and Roxine easily get along with each other and can practically talk with each other mentally. Lately, he’s been taking little notice that the more he gets along with Roxine, the more he grows to actually like her. As for the lightening scar on his eye, not much is exactly known as to why or how he got it in the first place. Further back before he met Roxine in his childhood, it was all a blur.

So yeah, because of Ike-kun, "Twilight Stars" will be on hold right now for small changes of plotlines around. >>
He also wanted to be in "Whispering Voices," too.
*goes off to nag at him*

So yeah, um...I'm busy working on the design of him. I already finished inking, so now I just have to go Photoshop him soon.
Problem is, I still need to design his Keyblade "Blood Rain." >>
Also, think up another one for him, because he's preferably a double-blader. The Nazuna Sutoraiku is only an option for now because of his little symbol.
Unless you guys like it then we're keeping it. =)

Expect seeing him around TheO guys! ^^

Artwork in Progress:
-Emo Brigade (ft. Noah, Rei, Roxine, Zeke, Ayumi, and Komaru!)
Whoo! That's six members so far! I kinda like that number, can we keep it at that? =X
Anyway, everyone'll be in a rather dark emo-ic room, there's a long couch, three chars will be sitting, three will be standing. Black ribbons hanging off the walls fall upon them, red curtains in the back. =)
This one totally beats the other idea I had. XD