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Wow! I can't believe I've written 69 pages of my new book Psycho! If you'd like to know, it's about Vampires and definatley turning into a bi-shonen(-Gay).
So the Vampires in this book (there is only about 4 in the whole world) are operated on by the second-main characters Dad (-wow serious de-ja-vu just then)
So Character introducing--
Joe Backwater
Charles Lightstrike
Melissa(Mel) Lightluck
Mike Backwater
Luchist Lightstrike

Thats all so far, not sure how long this book is going to be yet.
If you can all think of any Characters you'd like to be in it like a passer-by or newsagent something like that, Feel free! You'll have to tell me their Name,Age,Weight,Likes & Dislikes.
Thankyou very, very much! ^_^
~Courtney A.
(P.s I've drawn a picture of most of the characters(The important ones anyway)So I'll be uploading that soon, keep in touch and if you like I could post a few pages up!Thanks again!)