This world will be about The Otaku Host Club, run by Luna and her mods. If you would like to become one of my fans, please PM Lunastarz.

I also spend some time on the Proboards.

No news I the only Kingdom Hearts host left here now?
I know Sora is absent for sure, but as for Riku and Axel...I dunno. And Terra is too busy crashing on my couch to do anything right now. I'm kind of afraid to try waking him up... ._ .;


Still trying to get Sora to come back, he's off playing in the snow or something.

And EmoVampireRiska is now one of my fans. ^^

~Ky(DN Fangirls)

Should be a promotion or two soon..



Man, feels like I haven't been here in forever...
I'm still here, just been really busy with everything.

Sora and I managed to find Terra, but he doesn't plan on joining us here on TheO(sorry fangirls).
And Vanitas has been real quiet lately...not sure if that's good or bad yet.

I'll try to be a bit more active here, I'll try to get Sora back here as well.


Alright, so I'm still waiting on the guest poster but I'll put a list of my fans here in the mean time.

~DN Fangirls(Ky)