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Omg! I can not wait for this game to come out! So excited!

Teen Titans/Kingdom Hearts crossover

Here is a fanfiction story I wrote about a Teen Titans/Kingdom Hearts crossover, hope you enjoy it.


Original Spoonychan video

Original English video.

German dub of Served

XDDD It's even funnier, and best line "'Ello Xigba~"

You Monster!

willotaku Xemnas: Xigbar, what is that?
willotaku Zexion: Grrr... =n=
willotaku Xigbar: Crikey! It's spotted pygmy emo! I'll get me net
willotaku Xemnas: Xigbar, what have I told you about using Zexion as paintball practice?
willotaku Zexion: Can't you use someone else like Marluxia or or Demyx?!
willotaku Xigbar: Demyx is used for wrestling practice. Ugh MMmm yeah uh! Piledriver! Yeah~
willotaku Demyx: Oh Xigbar oh~
willotaku Xemnas and Zexion: *glare*
willotaku Xigbar: It wasn't me I swear! On-on Xaldin!
willotaku Xemnas: Orly?
willotaku Xigbar: Yarly
willotaku Xemnas: ORly??
willotaku Xigbar: Y-Ya...rly...
willotaku Xemnas: ORLY?!
willotaku Xigbar: D:
willotaku Marluxia: Marly~
willotaku Xigbar: LOL ;D
willotaku Xemnas: *Smack!* One more complaint and Demyx sleeps in Luxord's room!
willotaku Xigbar: YOU MONSTER! ;~;

Done by memory from watching "You Monster" by SpoonyChan waaaaaaaay too many times, and if you want to check to see if I got it right, here's the video.